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in 2013 

Thomas Carr Howe High School 

4900 Julian Avenuo 

IndianapolU, IN 46201 

Below: Mrs. Betsy Morse 
watches Mr. UJarren Dressier 
play Odysseus for Mr. Grey 
Shel ton's family project film. 

Foryet failure and mistakes 
of the past and press forward 
with a fresh enthusiasm and 
confidence, knowiny you can do 
it, knowiny you will do your 
best and do your best not to 
repeat these. Knowiny you 
didn't do well academically, 
foryet it; and do well this year 
and forever after. Because you 
were in trouble a lot before 
doesn't mean you haue to 
continue doiny whatever caused 
you to be in trouble. R lack of 
respect, an inability to see the 
liyht at the end of the tunnel 
does not haue to continue. 
Chanye your attitude; create 
your own liyht! 

Look forward to yraduation, 
to colleye, to traininy, to Jobs, 
to a family, to whatever you 
aspire to. Look forward to beiny 
a valuable and responsible 
adult. Don't dwell on the past 
but strive to be the best you 
can be, strive with ambition to 
fulfill your dreams. Rfter 
haviny left Howe, maybe you 
could ylance back with fond 
memories and recoynition of 
your failures and mistakes so 
that you are not destined to 
repeat them. 

Left: Hnnie Dearth perfects her I 
make-up before she hits the 
staye in Howe's 1994 Musical, 

Below: The drill team prepares 
to lead Hornet basketball fans in 
a salute to our country. 

Rbove: Nicole Duncan miyht look 
forward in the future to a job in 
make-up. Sam Hobbs yets help. 
Left: Becky Meek kisses the 
chopped off head of Dave 
Nelson's character in the 
musical, Pippin . 


Right: (Left to Rigtit) Brandg 
Johnson, Michael Tiernan, and 
Nicole Duncan mag look forward 
in the future to a career in jazz 






Right: "Rainbow the Clown " 
(Michael Trotter) gets a laugh 
out of Mrs. Rman and her class. 
Left: Mrs. B allow prepares to 
transform herself into a clown 
for intersession. 
Top Left: Mr. Keuin Friedig helps 
Josh Roof with a hand-prop 
before the musical. 


Below: Laura Keller and Amanda Young are never too Top Right: Jessica Poynter just can't wait to see what Middle Left: Some of the Cross Country Team take a 

busy to help out a teacher. 

happens next at the baseball game. 

"breather" during one of their meets. 































Above: Senior Honors students, Laura Keller, Kelly 
Scott, Sam Hobbs, Nicole Duncan, Jennifer Ireland, and 
Elizabeth Tull, display activities. 

Left: Coach Sean Marcum, Amanda Young, and Carola 
Kirsten, Howe foreign exchange student and top winner 
in Cross Country, wait for wrapping in the training room. 


Bottom Right: Ross Childers, Scott Childers, Lam Do, 
and Patrick Page demonstrate the spirit of the football 

Below: Angela Drain prepares Ben Calbert for the future 
by aiding his parent at Open House. 

Right: Darwin Smith and Danny Kord are hard at work 
in Mr. James Komann's art class. 

Bottom Left: Mr. Art Gonzalez is preparing his native 
foreign language students for life after high school. 


Left: The seniors say their goodbyes before they step 
into the real world. 

Middle Left: Jessica Hammond and Mike Tiernan think 
about the future at the last dance. 

Middle: Mandy Steffey, Stephanie Harris, and Sandy 
Jenkins practice for their future entertainment. 

Bottom Left: Herman Washington seems to enjoy the 
occupation he chose after graduation. 

Bottom Middle: Amy Dean plans out her future very 

Bottom Right: Your education can bend you toward a 
job in teaching or art as did Mr. James Lynch" s. 

Looking forward without Looking Back 



Far Left: The students register for the upcoming school 

Left: To students observing the eclipse of the sun, this 
paper could represent a key to the door of success in 

Middle Left; These graduates are looking forward as an- 
other chapter of their lives begins. 

Middle Right: The .Student Council makes high school 

Bottom Left: Aimee Zoeller looks on enthusiastically 
along with Sarah Planalp, Kelly Rothwell. Julie Bridges, 
and Kane Poynter at the IHSAF French Convention. 

Bottom Right: The students leave school looking for- 
ward to tomorrow. 

Theme ^ 


lO/Student Life 

Top Left: Shawn Taylor is smiling while he works on 
his art. 

Top Right: Carrie Brown loves to paint with different 

Above: Robert Mullinex works hard on a project in art 


The goals of the Art Department are to 
give students at Howe High School the op- 
portunity to gain knowledge and skills relat- 
ing to the Fine Arts through studio and self 
study courses. 

Students may learn aspects of drawing, 
painting, three dimensional crafts construc- 
tion, ceramics, jewelry making, and computer 
Dannv Koid 

Left: The outstanding work, done b\ our students, are 
placed in the displas ing case. 

.Abo\e: Michael Gamble listens to music while he draws 
a house. 

.Art'l 1 


If you've been walking down the hall 
and heard clicking and humming, you 
must have been walking through the Busi- 
ness Department. There you will hear the 
soothing sounds of Ms. Penny McNeish 
teaching her eager typing students or Mr. 
John Skene instructing his accounting 
classes. The department has been utilized 
to aid with computer education for all 
freshmen in the Freshman Family classes. 
All that you hear is education in ac- 
tion in the Business Department. 

Top Left: Marketing Education classes get the update on 
methods from Mrs. Debbie Bareford. 

Top Right: Jason Caesar is "hard at work." 

Above: Quinn Phelps and Tommy Brown are listening 
to the teacher's announcements and checking their 

Right: Jason Isenberg and Josh Hager get a head start on 
their business homework. 

Above: Veronica Eldridge and Kisha Cooper enjoy 


Below; Mr. Robert Huggins, who used lo work in the 
finance office, loves teaching English. 

Middle Right: Becky Wiker and Jeremy Hayes are very 
interested in English 5. 


Whatever your liking is, there's some- 
thing for you in the English Department. 

If you like drama, the senior sponsored 
play is for you. If a mixture of art, music, 
and literature interests you, then Human- 
ities is for you. 

Even if you're just getting your required 
courses, there will be something for you 
in English 1-8. 

The English Department plans to meet 
its goals of Essential Skills, providing pro- 
ficiency tests on every level of English. A 
new teacher arrived, Lisa Frazer, to rescue 
overcrowded classes and teacher over- 
loads. Tech Prep and Freshman Families 
are still being implemented successfully. 

Below: Thad McKee is thinking about what Mrs. 
Shirley Stephens is saying in the Freshman Family 

Middle Left: Brandi Jones expands her knowledge 
to prepare for her future. 

Right: Grant McDonald, Whitney McDonald, Sam 
Hobbs, and Becky Hicks are extremely interested in 


Foreign Language 

A lot of change has taken place in the 
Foreign Language Department since last 
year. Former Department Head, French 
and German teacher Dan Stanley retired, 
and French teacher Jody George trans- 
ferred to another school. Joe Vespo is the 
new department head: math teacher Roxy 
Watson is now teaching French in addition 
to her algebra classes; and Gustavo Caliz 
is a new teacher who teaches math and 
Spanish. Dr. Bonnie Fisher is still teaching 

Top Right: Julie Bridges, Jason Chapman. Josh 
Bowhng, and Laura Keller participate in a French 

Below: Former head ot the Foreign Language De- 
partment, Mr Dan Stanley, gives Jason Chapman a 
word of wisdom. 


I 1 ■ 

Above: Dan Poynter, Amanda Gomez, and Grant 
McDonald greet the day with a smile. 

Above: Jessica Parker, Nicole Edwards, Christy Butler, 
and Paul Nay are studying their work. 

14/Foreign Language 

Ix-ft: Arnold Nelson takes a break from an exhausting 

Middle: Sandra Petty is prepared for today's challenges. 

Bottom Middle: David Smartz is checking Annie Bur- 
ford into the Prom. 


The counselors were very busy with prob- 
lems like over enrollment. Some classes had 
40 or more students. People were still being 
enrolled after school started, but we received 
new teachers, which helped a lot. Even after 
the new teachers came in, the counselors had 
lots of work reworking students" schedules. 

■~ Above: Stella \'andi\ier starts out the da\ with a big 

Counselors 15 

Home Economics 

This year's Home Economics Department 
was the source of all those aromas that drifted 
down Howe's hallowed halls. The staff grew 
by two as Paula McConnell and Shelly Keller 
joined to help teach the different aspects of 
Home Economics. 
Aaron Springer 

Above: Rodney Yowell concentrates hard on his 
work as does Michelle Stone. 
Below; Lakesha Degraphenreed, Misty Plew, Kristy 
Cloud, Shawn Cline, Jessica Brewster, and Jowanna 
Hamiter pay careful attention to their teacher Mrs. 
Shelly Keller. 

Above: Tameris Oats and Vidal Wallace create culinary 
master pieces. 

Below: Holly Stode, Mike Reed, and Brandi Martin 
study hard. 

This year there were some new happenings in the In- 
dustrial Tech Department. Mr. John Divincinzo took on 
the construction lab along with his duties in the graphics 
lab. Mr. Steve Tatlmger moved to the energy lab where 
a new program called "Prmcipals of Technology" was 
started to get Howe students more involved in the Tech 
Prep classes at Howe. Mr. Dave Miller continued as De- 
partment Head, and all the students had a great time 
working on projects from computer design and silk 
screening to casting metal. 
Steve Taflinger 

Left: Patrick Page works on drawing pictures on the 

Below: Sean Byrk, Chester Bohannaon, and Richard 
Rybolt consult on an assignment in Mr. Dave Mil- 
ler's class. 

Industrial Technology 

Left: James Napier and Mike Maxwell 
check over their computer drawn pictures 
while James Simpson and Gabriel Power 
look on. 

Below: Mr. John Divincenzo's class 
works on a book assignment, taking a 
break from the hands-on computer tech- 
nology they are used to. 


Right: Terrie Canady, Keith Taylor, Craig Smith, and 
Albert Ellis watch the teacher put a problem on the 

Above: Jimmy Vo, Tedros Andemicael, Natalie Mar- 
shall work on the assignment given by Mr. Charles Wal- 

Middle: Jennifer Johnson, Kenneth Combs, and class- 
mate do group work in math. 

Right: Jennifer Urich and Chrissy Schroeder take notes 
from the board to help them when test time comes 

This year the Math Department has expe- 
rienced some change with new teachers and 
spHt curriculum. Miss Roxy Watson has been 
teaching French along with algebra. The new 
teacher, Mr. Gustavo Caliz, teaches algebra 
and Spanish. Two other new teachers in the 
department were Shelly Reece and Stephanie 
Sexton. The department has been extremely 
busy with over thirty classes of algebra. Only 
nine students, however, were taking calculus. 
Math continued to be a part of the Freshmen 
Families and Tech Prep programs. Depart- 
ment members have been instituting essential 
skills in all classes and have been preparing 
all freshmen for the new Gateway Test. 
Jessica Bell 
Rebekah Meek 



Above: Tanya Spurgeon, Charmaine Grable, Holly 
Strode, Grant McDonald, and Farrah Rooney enjoy 
the Chinese experience of the Teacher's Luncheon. 

Right: Lauren Arnold and Mrs. Jo Leftler search ref- 
erences in the Media Center. 



The Media Center, which did not ex- 
perience as many changes as last year, has 
had a change of staff this year. Mrs. Janet 
Woods returned to replace Mr. Irvin Haas 
while Mrs. Ann Boynton replaced Mrs. 
Phyllis Thomas. Mrs. Woods has been 
busy being in charge of WHOW. Howe"s 
weekly news show, which airs before 
Channel One on Fridays. Senior Ronald 
Palmer serves as producer with sopho- 
more Angel Schultz as assistant producer. 
Other students involved is the project are 
Dave Nelson, Kenny Burnett, Chad Price, 
Josh Roof, Jason Smith, Jeremy Wilson, 
Kelly Scott, Jessica Bell, and Heather Wil- 
Heidi Wurster 



Above: Kanisha Amos and Turkessa Earls manage 
to help clean up the Media Center after the teacher 
recognition lunch. 

Right: Jacob Hatton, David Unseld, Nathan Graham, 
and Eric Brown do not get discouraged by technol- 
ogy m the library. They have chosen books. 

Media' 19 

Physical Education 

Top Left: Ms. Betty Woods is ready for her exercises. 

Top Rigiit: Vrisha Adams and Aretha Anderson seem to 

really get into their exercises. 

Far Right: Senior Robin Karr, P.E. Assistant, gives a big 

smile for the camera. 

Right: Winning is high on Michael Cooper's priorities. 

The Physical Education Department emphasizes total 
fitness for life. Daily routines being followed in each 
class help the student develop at his own rate. The basic 
Physical Education classes are designed so that students 
experience various activities and games which develop 
the individual physically and socially. Participation by 
each student with the idea of having "fun by participa- 
tion" is the main goal. 

The electives of conditioning and team sports are cho- 
sen by those students who want to enhance their athletic 
abilities and fitness level. These classes are physically 
challenging and athletics consider them an integral part 
of their development. 

20/Physical Education 

The Science Department, with a nev. 
teacher and a lot of new technology, hoped 
to help students see how science applies to 
everyday lives and to improve critical think- 
ing and problem solving skills. The depart- 
ment hoped to achieve these goals by having 
good teachers lead lots of labs and experi- 
ments. Did they succeed? 
Laura Keller 

Above: Shannon Hart is busy helping out in Mr. Randy 
Wcmple's class. 

Above Right: As busy as Mr. James Yarber may be, he 
always has time to help out his students in Earth Science, 
kight: Joe Sullivan and Brandy Berwanger are studying 
: hard for their science test. 

Top Left: Mr. Paul Miller snnles proudl\ for his class. 
Top Right: Sean Patton is trying hard to make the grade 
in Mr. James Yarber's class 

Science 21 

Homecoming started with "Spirit Week." 
Students followed the function of the day, 
dressing in colors one day, carrying stuffed 
toys another, and ending with Brown and 
Gold colors Friday, and observing the others 
of the week. On Friday, October 7, the 
Homecoming itself began with a pep session 
during school time, followed by a parade at 
6:30 P.M., the game with Broad Ripple, the 
crowning of the queen at half time, and the 
dance after the game. 

Tashia Guynn was crowned Homecoming 
Queen for this year, and the Hornets beat 
Broad Ripple in the game 1 3 to 7. 

Lett: The Golden Gals tr\' lo boost the football team's spirits during 
homecoming by making supportive banners. 

Above Right: Crystal Praul talks to Erin Sv^an "The Mascot" during the 

Homecoming pep rally. 

Below (R to L): Melissa Leverenz, Mandy Wallace, Sarah Farber, and 
Jennifer Scoll show how well they can dance at the Homecoming dance. 

Above: Madora Walker and Jennifer Cox escort Cheryl St. Lawrence onto the field 

Left: Derrick Miichell and Mike Mundy work together to retrieve the bail and that kind 
of teamwork won them the game. 

Below: Ronald Palmer entertams the crowd during the pep rally with his witty sense of 


Left: Barbara Parks takes a minute out of cheering to 
watch the action-packed Homecoming game. 

Below: Tashia Guynn flashes a huge smile after being 
elected Howe's Fall Homecoming Queen for 1994. 

: Below: The soccer team lends it support to the football team at 
Homecoming activities. 

1 Bottom Left: Golden Gal, Brandy Bowen, proudly holds the foot- 
:ball team's good luck charm, "DA-MAN," during the Homecom 

Right: Brain Game (Left to Right): Front Row: Brandon 
Spratt, Grant McDonald, Jessica Bell. Back Row: Eli- 
zabeth Tull, Nicole Duncan, Aaron Springer, Laura Kell- 

Left: Math Club (Left to Right): Front Row: Brandon 
Spratt, Chad Price, Becky Meek. Annie Dearth, Lailee 
Milam. Back Row: Jessica Bell, Trisha Wilson, Josh 
Roof, Sam Hobbs, Jamie Bohannon. 

Right: Academic Superbowl (Left to Right): Front Row: 
Brandon Spratt, Aaron Springer, Jennifer Ireland, Josh 
Roof, Annie Dearth. Middle Row: Elizabeth Tull, Trisha 
Wilson, Laura Keller, Jessica Bell. Back Row: Chad 
Price, Jamie Bohannon, Nicole Duncan, Kenneth Bur- 

Left: Stage Crew (Left to Right): Front Row: Mike Bell, 
Josh Roof, Grant McDonald, Heather Sullivan, Whitney 
McDonald, Rebecca Jablonski, Dave Nelson. Second 
Row: Ray Clifton, Mary Ann Richards, Jennifer Sulli- 
van, Kathleen Reeves, Thomas Alexander, Lenny See- 
man, Jeremy Gregory. Back Row: Ryan Adams, Kenny 
Adams, Mr. Lynch. 


Right: National Honor Society (Left to Right): Front 
Row: Elizabeth Tull, Laura Keller, Justin Morris. Mid- 
dle Row: Grant McDonald, Trisha Wilson, Nicole 
Duncan. Back Row: Evelyn Keaton, Jennifer Ireland, 
Jamie Bohannon, Tashia Guynn. 

Left: International Club (Left to Right): Front Row: Jes- 
sica Bell, Chad Price, Nicole Duncan. Laura Keller. Jus- 
tin Morris, Carola Kirsten. Second Row: Becky Meek. 
Annie Dearth. Elizabeth Tull. Jamie Bohannon, Josh 
Roof, Sam Hobbs, Rebecca Jablonski. Third Row: Rob- 
erto Rohas, Karla Caliz. Teresa Perez-Gavilan, Aster 
Andemicael, Daniel Gebrekidan, Joe Vespo. 

Right: Volunteer Group (Left to Right): Front Row: 
Kandy Diffee, Trisha Wilson, Jamie Bohannon, Lailee 
Milam. Second Row: Roberto Rohas, Justin Morris, Kar- 
la Caliz. 

Left: Spellbowl (Left to Right): Front Row: Becky 
Meek, Brandon Spratt, Lailee Milam. Second Row : Tns- 
ha Wilson. Jamie Bohannon. Laura Keller. Elizabeth 

Groups 2" 

Right: WHOW (Left to Right): Front Row: David Nel- 
son, Ronald Palmer, Chad Price. Second Row: James 
Smith, Jessica Bell, Kenny Burnett. Third Row: Janet 
Woods, Josh Roof, Sam Hobbs. 

Left: TOWER (Left to Right): Front Row: Jessica Bell, 
Becky Meek, Melissa Loveless. Second Row: Annie 
Dearth, Elizabeth Tull, Heidi Wurster, Lindsay Russo, 
Laura Keller. Back Row: Jennifer Adkins, Sara Barnes, 
Ken Burnett, Karie Poynter, Aaron Springer, Krista Lu- 
cas, Shawna Rupe, Tanya Spurgeon. 

Right: PEN POINTS (Left to Right): Front Row: Becky 
Meek, Jessica Bell. Second Row: Laura Keller, Chad 
Price, Nicole Duncan, Annie Dearth, Eli/.abeth Tull. 
Third Row: Brandon Spratt, Josh Roof, Sam Hobbs. 
Fourth Row: Aaron Springer, Kandy Diffee, Kenny Bur- 

Left: White River Academic League (Left to Right): 
Front Row: Nicole Duncan, Jessica Bell, Laura Keller. 
Back Row: Brandon Spratt, Grant McDonald, Aaron 
Springer, Justin Morris. 


Right: Color Guard (Left to Right): Front Row: William 
Nichols, Jimmy Perry, Carlissa Roark. Back Row: Rose 
Yanasak, Mike Ollanketo, John Ollanketo, Scotty Jett. 

Left: Staft (Lett to Right): Chad Price. James Perry. 
Keonna Bullock, Brandon Spratt. 

Right: Female Drill Team (Left to Right): Janelle White, 
Lareina York, Ashanti Lee, Judy, Monica Spells, Isha, 
Keonna Bullock, Keshia Hill, Danielle Davidson. 

Left: Male Drill Team (Left to Right): Front Row: Chad 
Price, Keith Young, James Perry. Back Row: William 
Nichols. Mike Ollanketo. Marion Dasis. John Ollanketo. 

Groups 2>^ 

Right: Thespians (Left to Right): Back Row: Kenneth 
Burnett, Josh Roof, Sam Hobbs, Dave Nelson. Front 
Row: Nicole Duncan, Annie Dearth, Laura Keller, Eli- 
zabeth Tull, Brandy Johnson. 

Left Rifle Team (Left to Right): Mike Ollanketo, Wil- 
liam Nichols, Chad Pnce, John Ollanketo, Jimmy Perry, 
Carlissa Roark. 


Right Freshmen Football (Lett to Right) Front Row 
Eddriquez Smith, Michael Cooper, Lou Brown, Damon 
Hams, David Garcia, Enc Bums Second Row Frank 
Johnson, Ronald Hodge, James McFarland, Chnstopher 
Rios, James Benner, Chad Vann Third Row Larry 
O'Connor, Patrick Chambers, Bryan Coomer, Terry 
Johnson, James Patterson, Michael Ellis Last Row 
James Jones, Coach Russ Tuttle, Coach Michael Hepler, 
Coach Ron Bowling. 


Left: COE (Left to Right): Front Row: Christina Lewis, 
Misty York, Jenny Perdue, Robin Karr, Naila Kenne- 
brew, Deidra Turner. Back Row: Jeremy Stewart, Ron- 
ald Draine, Leonna Helton, Mrs. Yvonne Perry, Kelly 
Wallace, Beth Gilpin. Not Pictured: Markita Grimes. 


Right; Media Club (Left to Right): Kenneth Bemett, 
Chad Price, Ronald Palmer, Marcie Calbert. 

Left Mentors (Left to Right): First Row: Josh Roof, Eli- 
zabeth Tull, Ronald Palmer. Second Row: Lindsay Rus- 
so, Cassie Weidner, Heather Sullivan, Jamie Bohannon. 
Laura Keller, Keonna Bullock, Maurice Callicotte, Mi- 
chael Bryant. Third Row: Annie Dearth, Farrah Rooney, 
Grant McDonald, Trisha Wilson, Linda Staples, Becky 
Hicks, Shani Allen, Lakisha Earl. Fourth Row: Jamaal 
Reedus, Johnie Johnson, William Davis, Andy Danmey- 
er, Keith Young, Tashia Guynn, Mike Mundy, Jimmy 
Quarles, William Malone. Fifth Row: Kevin Sullivan, 
Mickelle Goss, Josh Morey, Karie Marsh, Nicole Dun- 
cun, Gina Tetrick, Shannon Hart, Jennifer Piersall, 
Rhonda Troutman, Jennifer Weaver. 


Right: Success Without Drugs (Left to Right): Back 
Row: Joseph Collins, Lance Huggins, Corey Fields, Ja- 
son Tucher, Jamie Boyd. Fourth Row: Jack Jackson, An- 
nie Burford, Karie Poynter, Robby Sheets, Carrie 
Brown, Jennifer Urich. Third Row: David Keglar, Way- 
ne Brown, Rebecca Hicks, Christy Butler, Kate Etychi- 
son. Second Row: Josh Roof, Crystal Morelock, Sam 
Hobbs, Lindsay Russo, Brandy Johnson, Lam Do, Cher- 
yl St. Lawrence. First Row: Jennifer Hollenbaugh, Heidi 
Wurster, Becky Meek, Jessica Bell, Amanda Young. 

Left: Marketing Education (Left to Right): First Row: 
Jason Carrol, Darrell Davis, Chad Price, Todd Hurt. Al- 
bert Fields, Ricky Duke, Mrs. Debbie Bareford. Second 
Row: Lorita Hill, Nichole Cowan, Becky Lippard, Mar- 
shia Guynn, Kelly Lowe, Jamila Jones, Mickelle Goss. 
Third Row: Josh Morey, Ned Maitin, Stac\ Kidwell, 
Kim Watson, Christina Hoskins, Shannon Mitchell. 
Mary McKinney. Fourth Row: Bnan Williams. Tamera 
Boyd, Amy Deam, Doug Sims, Tamika \\'nght. Cor\ 
DePew, Gina Tetrick, Shannon Hart. 

Below: Success Without Drugs (Left to Right): Back: 
Annie Dearth, Nicole Duncan, Elizabeth Tull. Grant 
McDonald. Front: Ronald Palmer. (Left out of other pic- 


Above: Olivia, David, Cherish, Wanda, and Sabrina try 
to do the music justice. 

Far Left: Mike Olianketo enjoys playing his trumpet at 
the varsity football games. 

Left: Rose Yanasak and Trisha Wilson concentrate on 
the music during band class. 


Top: Carrie Hubbard looks really enthused about playing 
at the game. 

Middle Left; Jamie Bohannon conducts her way through 
the class period. 

Middle Right: The choir dons robes as they often do for 

Right: Ronda Spratt plays the instrument with great en- 



Lett: Varsity Singers (Left to Right): Front Row: 
Dave Nelson, Catiierine Gleason, Jamie Boyd, 
Kevin Starr, Nicole Duncan [Seated]. Second 
Row: William Thomas, Cindy Foley, Annie 
Dearth, Fred Marshall, Elizabeth Tull, Khyran 
Delay. Third Row: Brandy Johnson, Enrique 
Garcia, Christine Farber. 

Bottom Left: Melissa Leverenz stepping proudly for Howe. 

Above: Marching Band (Left to Right): Front Row: Christy Butler, Jessica Bell, 
Jarrad Potter, Katie Barbara, Ronda Spratt, Rose Yanasak, Trish Wilson, Jamie 
Bohannon. Second Row: Lonnie Hoskins, Jake Peters, Kelly Rothwell, Amanda 
Young, Jennifer Burton, Mike Hollenbaugh, James Simmons, Tina Cornett, Titus 
Owens, Darnell Bailey, Christina Buchannon, Karen Dunn, Kristina Depp. Third 
Row: Jimmy Carter, David Keglar, Cecil Pryor, Brandy Berwanger, Keonna Tay- 
lor, Natalie Hill. Gladys Phillips, Joe Briscoe, Mike Ollanketo, Steven Douthit, 
Thomas Stone, Ben Streiff, Robert Cosby, Jason Lsenberg, James Smith, Michael 
Wilson, Mr. Keith White, Justin Morris. 


Top Left: Orchestra: (Left to Right): Front Row: Kyandra Pittman. Sarah Planalp, 
Crystal Matrau. Second Row: Annie Dearth, Jennifer Hollenbaugh, Becky Wiker. 
Renae Surber. Memorie Hoiifieid, Christina Helphng, Barbara Parks, Lindsay 
White, Crystal Staples, Shawna Bradshaw. Third Row: Annie Burford, Misty Hos- 
kins, Wanique Young, Alicia Hager, Natalie Marshall, Anne Jones, Amy Dean, 
Brandy Bowen, Paulina DeVore, Cindy Foley, Misty Neighbors. Fourth Row: Mrs. 
Leslie Bartolowits, John Ollanketo, Brian McClure. 

Top Right: Rose Yanasak holds her flute in a traditional manner. 

Above: Choir: (Left to Right): Front Row: Annie Dearth, Elizabeth Tull. Cassie 
Weidner, Brandy Johnson, Carola Kirsten, Christnie Father, Monica Cook, Johnie 
Johnson, Shameca Robertson, Alicia Encamacion, Rene Saulsberry. Christina 
Schroeder, Rebekah Meek, Laura Keller. Middle Row : Tara Baker, Lagena Gilder, 
Lashonna Harris, Teresa Perz-Gavalin, Rebecca Jablonski, \ enus Dalton. Nicole 
Duncan, Jamie Boyd, Catherine Gleason, Jennifer Lake, Kathn. n McMillan, Cindy 
Foley, Rachel Beem. Back Row: Chris Archer, Shawn Patton, Ke\in Starr, Josh 
Roff, Sam Hobbs, Khyran Delay, Kenny Burnett, Michael Hobson, Da\id Nelson. 
Justin Morris, Fred Williams, Titus Tavlor, Jainaal Reedus. 


Below: Mr. Tom Lewis conducts the Conceil Choir singing Benedictus. 


Above: Amanda Young waits to play her saxophone at 

the Veterans" Day parade. 

Right: Jessica Bell blows hot air into her clarinet. 

Above: Becky Wiker practices hard for the Christ- 
mas Concert. 


Above: Justin Morris rocks on the trombone at the Veterans 

Right: Jazz Band (Left to Right); Front Row: Khyran Delay, Aman- 
da Young, Christy Butler, Mike Raines. Second Row: John Ollan- 
keto, Shawn Patton, Jake Peters, Monique Lange. Third Row: Mr. 
Keith White, William Nichols, Jason Isenberg, Karen Dunn. Fourth 
Row: Mike OUanketo, Thomas Stone, Tina Cornett, Kristina Depp. 

Music 37 

Below: Mike Tiernan, The Leading 
Player, inuites the audience to 
leaue their fields and chores and 
watch the magic to be enacted for 
them on Howe's stage. 

"UJhat is a young man to do when 
his father is the Holy Roman 
Emperor? Pippin, the first born son 
of Charlemagne, is an extraordinary 
young man. He is handsome, 
intelligent, high-born, but 
concerned onig with finding truth 
and meaning in life. His father trii 
to persuade him to be patient and 
prepare himself for the inheritanc 
that will be his. 

Pippin tries-he goes to war wit 
his father, but is repulsed bg bloot 
Pippin tries the pleasures of 
women, onIg to be exhausted bg 
the delights of the flesh. Pippin 
tries the role of a reuolutionarg, 
but feels idiotic as a conspirator 
What a dilemma for the heir of the 
Holg Roman Empire! Nothing begin 
to provide the fulfillment he is 
seeking until he meets a goung 
widow Catherine and her small soi 
True loue is wonderful. There is a 
feeling of accomplishment, but it i 
all too ordinarg. There has to be 
something more than this. So he 
bolts from domesticitg. In his 
loneliness. Pippin realizes that his 
search for perfection and 
fulfillment was that of an idealistic 
bog. Through experience he has 
found that all of life is flawed in 
one wag or another. 

The storg of Pippin is an eighth- 
cent org quest for fulfillment which 
finds itself finallg and happilg in 
peaceful domesticitg. Rt the end, 
Pippin, Catherine, and her son Theo 
stand readg to face the world 
happilg as uerg ordinarg people. " 

Right: Brandy Johnson, Natalie 
Hertz, Nicole Duncan, and Becky 
Meek dance behind Catherine 
(Christine Dearth) as she sings to 
Pippin about ordinary kinds of 


Rboue: Lewis (Sam Hobbs), the 
King (Josh Roof), and Pippin 
(Mike Deal) knelt for a prayer for 
safety and courage before 
heading out to war. 

Left: Fastrada (Carrie Deeter) 
tells Charlemagne (Josti Roof) 
that she, being Just an ordinary 
housewife and mother, has once 
again ouerdrawn her account. 

Left: The Cast ofEijuiin: Top Row: Jason Thompson, Mike Deal, 

Mike Tiernan, Kathleen Reeues, Tom Lewis. Third Row: Natalie 

Mertz, Gina Te trick, Elizabeth Tull, Josh Roof. Second Row: Nicole 

Duncan, Carrie Deeter, Brandy Johnson, Jamie Boyd, Dauid Nelson, 

Cindy Foley, Sam Hobbs, Laura McBurnie. Bottom Row: Keuin Starr, 

Rnnie Dearth, Michael Keller, Laura Keller, Christine Dearth, Becky 


Right: Michael Deal, Pippin, decides the onig wag to become king 

Is to kill his father (Josh Roof), the present king. 

Bottom Right: Pippin's grandmother Bert he, plaged bg Elizabeth 

Tull, sings to Pippin about the simple life. 

Below: Michael Tiernan, The 

Leading Plager, discusses with 

Michael Deal, Pippin, 

Charlemagne's tyrannical 

actions towards the peasants. 


Below: Levia Heffner and Janelle White look over 
their notes together to study for a test. 

Bottom Left: Srg. Malone, Janelle White, and Levia 
Heffner make JROTC Staff plans. 


Above: LTC. Willdermood calculates the JROTC 

Below: The class listens closely as their teacher ex- 
plains the basic techniques of marching. 



Below: William Nichols and C.J. Roark stand proud and 
tall for the Howe Hornet flae 


-w- -w- 








The TOWER staff was reduced this year 
to one class; consequently, the newspaper 
came out around every two weeks rather than 
every week as it did last year. 

The staff had some difficulties but gener- 
ally did a good job. There was an abundance 
of page editors so that the TOWER would 
have real quality and be absent of errors. 
News Editors were Melissa Loveless and 
Laura Keller; Feature Editors, Annie Dearth 
and Elizabeth Tull; Sports Editor, Karie 
Poynter; Assisting Editors, Aaron Springer, 
Rebekah Meek, and Jessica Bell; Editors-in- 
Chief, Lindsay Russo and Heidi Wurster. 

Top Left: Editor, Heidi Wurster, checks the sto- 
ries due. 

Top Right: Page editors, Ehzabeth Tull and 
Annie Dearth, review the play book for a 
TOWER story about it. 

Above: Aaron Springer, Editing Assistant, cor- 
rects the computer for the staff. 

Left: Being seated on the floor helps page edi- 
tor, Laura Keller, think. 


Above: Tanya Spurgeon, Krista Lucas, and Melissa 
Loveless discuss possible story ideas. 


Above: Working in Independent Study during year- 
book class has been a difficult problem for Editing As- 
sistant Rebekah Meek 

Below: Stephanie Martinelle helps Sports Editor Karie 
Poynter with sports story ideas. 


Above: Jennifer Adkins and Sara Barnes work together 
for ideas for the horoscopes. 

Below: Editor Lindsay Russo lays out the pages for the 
TOWER on the computer 


Above Student Council (Left to Right): Bottom Row: Janelle White. Mike 
Mundy Jessica Bell Mary Ann Richard. Kathleen Reeves. Cheryl St, Lawr- 
ence, Tashia Guvnn Second Row: Erin Swan. Corie Riskka, jimmy Quar- 
les. Jackie Walker Chris Mumtord. Misty Plew. Cortney Flournoy. Third 
Row; Jamaal Reedus. Linda Staples. Paul Nay. Rose Yanasak. Leslie Mum- 
ford. Fourth Row: Joseph Collins, Jason Price. Gladys Phillips, James Pat- 
terson. Ms. Patricia Aman. Not pictured: Carl Johnson, Kristme Guerrero. 
Tracy Martin. 

Right: The crowd watches the homecoming festivities 
very closely. 














Above William Davis, David Twitty, and Steve Johnson 
are in the homeLoming spirit during the dance 

Right Students and teachers observe the crowd at the 
homecoming pep rally 

44/Student Council 

Student Council 


■Above Left: The Student Council Officers wait patiently 
Ito be inducted at the assembly. 

(Middle: William Davis is the center of the crowd at the ** 
[homecoming dance. 

.'Below: Jamie Boyd is escorted by her mother onto the 
field for the "Homecoming Queen Election" during 


Above Right: Cheerleaders Jackie Walker and Monica 
Edwards relax as the Highsteppers entertain the crowd. 

Below; Monica Spell's attention is somewhere other 
than the dance floor durins the homecoming dance. 

Student Council'45 


This year's Boys Track Team veterans were seniors, 
Damon Turner and Jason Thompson, along with juniors, 
Jimmy Quarles and Darrell Davis, and sophomore, John- 
ny Ray. This year's rookies were Chester Combs, Chris 
Brown, Wayne Brown, Tony Gray, Kevin Griffin, Maur- 
ice Callicott, Steven Johnson, Coleman Anderson, Da- 
mon Taylor, and Dewayne Oliver. Steve Johnson and 
Johnny Ray won the Kiwanis Boys Mental Attitude 
award; Johnny Ray and Damon Turner won the 400 Club 
Most Valuable Player award; Anderson Coleman won 
the award for Track: Carl Speiss Memonal Award for 
Outstanding Freshman. 

Girls Track, coached by Head Coach Mr. John Wig- 
gins and Assistant Coach Ms. Mary Koopman. started 
with fifteen girls and ended with four. Having too few 
students was often a disadvantage for the team. Those 
on the team who were honored were Demetria Stinger, 
Most Valuable Player. Christy Butler, Most Improved 
Player; and Amanda Brewster, Best Mental Attitude. 

Above: Barbara Parks and Demetria Stringer are running 
in a relay race. 

Below: Jamie Boyd runs for her life while she leaves 
a trail of "dogs" behind. 

Above: Amanda Brewster has a serious look as she lifts 
up those weights. 

Above: Carrie Hubbard looks as though she is getting 

very tired. 


Top Center: Hornets stretch out for track practice. 

Top Left: Wayne Brown tries to get in shape for an 

Above: Johnny Ray acts as though he is getting a little 

Above: We hope Chris Brown and Damon Turner can Below: Breathless, Cassie Weidner reaches the finish 

show off better on the track field and get the Hornets a line. 




Track 47 



Above: Kyle Wallace follows through with his swing Above: Chris Wilson gets to first base with a bunt, 
and gets a hit. Below: Ray Crawford keeps his eye on the ball in the 

out field. 

Below Will Malone concentrates as he attempts to strike 
the batter out. 

■ 'jf»f' 

Hey, Batter, Batter, 

The baseball team's 1994 season got un- 
derway on April 6 with the first game against 
Ritter High. The season had a bit of a bad 
start, as that first game was a rainout, but the 
players came out of that in time to win against 
Broad Ripple. Their next games were a dis- 
appointment, one being another rainout and 
the other being a loss. The final record of the 
team was 10 wins and 13 losses. 

Chris Wilson won the award for Tri Kappa 
Mental Attitude; Jason Hamby won the Larry 
Bishop Memorial Award for most RBI's. 



Left: Jason Hamby awaits the pitch 


Above: Baseball Team (Left to Right): Back Row: Ray 
Crawford. Richard Spare, John Perch, Harry Reed, Pa- 
trick Litterai, Keith Young, Shawn Allen, Shawn Cline, 
Robby Sheets. Lam Do, John Dicken. Front Row: Den- 
nis Boyd, Danny Poynter, Kyle Wallace. Grant Mc- 
Donald, Josh Bowling, Dave Moenius, Donte Nichols. 
Chns Anderson, Kevin Starr, Chns Wilson, Jason Ham- 
by, Will Malone. 

Left: Dan Poynter has signaled the pitch. 

Baseball, 4>i 

Below; Looks as if Mike Tieman is trying to measure 
how far iiis ball is to go before it gets into the hole. 

Below: Darin Games is trying to put the ball into thi 
hole. ] 

Boys Golf 

The Boys" Golf Team started out with five partic- 
ipants. Most of the season the team consisted of four 
members: Darin Games, Andy Dammeyer, Mike 
Tieman, and Eric Young. 

English teacher Mr. Joe Vollmer served as coach 
for the team. The coach and team saw three wins and 
eleven losses, a ninth place win in the Gity Tourna- 
ment, and a fourth place win in IPSAG. 

Special awards were given to Mike Tieman — the 
Tri Kappa Mental Attitude award and the 400 Glub 
Most Valuable Player award. 


j5 f — 'J* ij^ 


Lett Boys Golf Team (Left to Right): Andy Dammeyer,i 

Goach Joe Vollmer, Mike Tieman, Darin Games. 

Above Middle Left: Eric Young works to drive his golf 

ball to the green. 

Above Middle: Darin Games and Andy Dammeyer tryi 

to retrieve the golf ball. 

Above: Mike Tieman watches to see where his drive willl 


50/Boys Golf 


Below: Girls Varsity Tennis Team (Left to Right): 
Second Row: Terry Mahler, Aimee Zoeller, Karie 
Poynter, Julie Bridges, Mrs. McCabe. First Row: Jes- 
sica Poynter, Jennifer Urich, Shannon Hunter, Annie 
Burford, Tara Faryna. 

\bove: Girls Reserve Tennis Team (Left to Right): Sec- 
)nd Row: Jessica Poynter, Bobbi Wesner, Mrs. McCabe. 
-ront Row: Monica Edwards, Tara Faryna. 

Above: Naila Kennebrew shows off her great serve dur- 
ing practice. 



Top: Julie Bridges gets off the ground as she pops the 
ball back over. 

Above: Tara Faryna steps into it with a backhand. 

Although the tennis season had a rough start, Howe 
has still pulled off many victories. We had our players 
from the year before: Jennifer Urich, Shannon Hunter. 
Annie Burford, Julie Bndges. Karie Poynter, and .Aimee 
Zoeller, all of w horn were varsity players. The other two 
varsity players were Naila Kennebrew and Jessica Poyn- 
ter. We also had a junior varsity team this year. They 
were Brandi Jones, Monica Edwards, Tara Far\ na, and 
Bobbi Wesner. This year's captains were the number one 
doubles: Karie Poynter and .Aimee Zoeller. There was a 
lot of talent on this team; and we knew, if everyone 
worked hard, we would have a wmnmg team. Jessica 
Poynter won the award for Tri Kappa: (Mental .Attitude!; 
Aimee Zoeller won the award for the 400 Club (Most 
Valuable Player); Annie Burford and Tara Farxna won 
the award for Most Improved. 
Kane Povnter 

Girls Tennis/51 

Top Lett: Senior Crystal Wliiteliead is ready tor a fast Top Right: Senior Heather Tolin fires the ball in, closing ,f**rf 
ball to come her way. up another winning game. 

Above: Senior Karen Parker eyes up the ball as she gets Right: Jennifer Hollenbaugh takes time from the swel- 
ready to knock it out of the park, taring sun to think of all the pizza she could get her hands 

on, (PIZZA GIRL). 

Above Middle: Darla Kord gets down in the dirt as she 
scores the winning run. 


Left: Softball Team (Left to Right): Back: Heather 
Tolin, Hollie Bays, Crystal Whitehead, Brandy John- 
son, Lindsay Russo. Middle: Rebekah Meek, Jenni- 
fer Piersall, Rebecca Hicks, Tara Baker, Jennifer 
Hollenbaugh, Crystal Matrau. Front: Karen Parker. 
Alicia Huger, Darla Kord, Vicki Beck. Jessica Bell. 

"Flowers blooming, birds chirping. 
blue skies clearing and green grass grow- 
ing are a few of the wonders of spring time 
with .sounds of 'Play Ball." " " ( 1988 HILL- 

The team was led by three senior cap- 
tains: first baseman. Crystal Whitehead: 
pitcher. Heather Tolin: and second base- 
man, Karen Parker. 

This year's team had an excellent year. 
The Lady Hornets, being the only I.P.S. 
school, made it to the second round of the 
City Tournament. Although Howe didn't 
win. all of us came out winners. The 
team's final record showed more wins 
than losses. 13-8. 

The Tri Kappa Mental Attitude award 
was won by Vicki Beck: the 400 Club 
Most Valuable Player award w as given to 
Crystal Morelock and Heather Tolin: the 
Coaches Most Improved award was 
awarded to Jennifer Hollenbaugh. 
Vicki Beck 

Middle: Alicia Hager 
rockets the ball in while 
the umpire says, "Stri- 
iiiiiiike 31"" 

Bottom Left: Brandy 
Johnson conies in as an- 
other inning is histor\ . 

Left: Beck> Meek is 
ready for an\ thing to 
come her wav. 

Softball 5." 

1 • % ■ 

-* >■ jfM- ^ 

iir ^B^ i" ^v ^ 

\' ^' 

, * ^ "^ ''/ ■> -. 

'^'^ ^ '^*- ^ ^mBP^^^S^^^^Ih 

^i4 A&'HHl 

Top: Kevin Griffin makes a block and Wayne Brown is 
there to back him up. 

Above: Derrick Mitchell is taking control of this game 
as he heads straight for the other team. 

Right: The team's slogan, "There's no I in team," is 
shown here as the team huddles up to plan the strategy 
to win their first victory. 


This year's football season started off 
somewhat slowly by the team's losing the 
first three games, but by the fourth game the 
team was kicked into gear and ended the sea- 
son with a 5-3 record. This year's Sectional 
was played at Franklin. 

The captains Mike Mundy, Scott Wessel, 
and Kevin Sullivan would like to thank the 
fans for all of their support because without 
the fans the team couldn't have gone as far 
as they did. 
Melissa Loveless 
Tanya Spurgeon 


Left: If Danny Poynter were really catching a pass, 
shouldn't he be looking at the ball' 

Below: Football Team (Left to Right): Front Row: Maur- 
ice Callicotte, Grant McDonald, Charlie Adams, Kevin 
Sullivan, Scott Wessel, Mike Mundy, Ronald Draine, 
Kenneth Combs, Keith Young, Danny Poynter. Second 
Row: Robbie Sheets, Kevin Griffin, Kevin Starr, Josh 
Bowling, Steve Johnson, David Unseld, Dennis Boyd, 
Derrick Mitchell, Wayne Brown. Third Row: Thomas 
Long, Larry Johnson, Darrick Horrall, Kwamn Evans, 
Chester Combs, Scott Childers. J.D. Dickens, Lewis 
Fleming, Ronald McGraw. Fourth Row: Lance Muggins, 
Patrick Litteral, John Ollanketo. Jeff Hamilton. Damon 
Turner. Louis Locander, Ross Childers, Patrick Page, 
Coleman Anderson, Jack Jackson. Fifth Row: Chuck 
Page, James Keenan, Dick Harpold, Ron Finkbinder. 
Harry Preston, Michael Bryant. 

Fixnball 55 

Right: Paulina DeVore and Tara Baker are waiting for 
the serve to make the play. 

Below: Jenny Hollenbaugh and Rhonda Troutman are 
concentrating on what the coach is explaining. 

Bottom: Girls Varsity Volleyball (Left to Right): Becky 
Hicks, Jenny Lake, Coach Brian Hawkins, Alicia Hager, 
Rhonda Troutman, Christine Farber, Shannon Hart, 
Crystal Morelock, Jennifer Hollenbaugh, Tara Faryna. 

The Howe volleyball teams had been doing great this 
year. Both the varsity and reserve teams started the sea- 
son off with wins over IPS rival Northwest. They kept 
getting even better with each match. 

The varsity team members are seniors Becky Hicks, 
Rhonda Troutman, Jennifer Hollenbaugh and Crystal 
Morelock, and sophomores Jennifer Lake and Alicia 
Hager. The varsity captains are Becky Hicks and Rhonda 
Troutman. The team brought home the championship 
trophy from the Sheridan Invitational at Sheridan High 
School at the beginning of the season. 

The junior varsity team members are juniors, Tara 
Baker, Paulina Devore, and Dianna Bennett; sopho- 
mores, Christine Farber, Tara Faryna, Misty Neighbors, 
and Crystal Matrau, freshman, Tabitha Bratcher, and 
Jennifer Burton. The junior varsity captains are Tara 
Baker, Dianna Bennett, and Tara Faryna. 

Good luck to everybody and to the juniors who will 
be playing on the varsity team next year. A little note to 
the coaches (V) Brian Hawkins, (JV) Virginia Hicks, 
assistant coach Betty Woods for all your help and thanks 
for being there for us. 



Above: Girls Reserve Volleyball (Left to Right): Re- 
serve Coach Virginia Hicks, Varsity Coach Brian Hawk- 
ins. Jennifer Burton, Christine Farber, Misty Neighbors, 
Dianna Bennett. Tabitha Bratcher, Crystal Matrau. Tara 
I Baker, Tara Faryna. 

I Above Right: Crystal Morelock is going for the play. 

Right: The varsity team is taking a breather during time »«»^ 


Bottom Left: Rebekah Meek kicks her way to 
score another goal. 

Bottom Right: Sam Hobbs sits and thinks about the next 
game after an injury from soccer. 


In a way the soccer season was a success 
by building a strong foundation for next 
year's team. Almost all of the players this 
year were underclassmen and first year play- 
ers with only four returning varsity seniors: 
Sam Hobbs, Chad Price, Josh Roof, and 
Doug Sims Jr. It is as yet undecided whether 
or not Bill Moore will coach next year's 

But no matter who the coach is, next year's 
team has a ray of hope. The team has greatly 
improved, and each player has worked very 
hard to improve his own skills. After all, it's 
not about winning or losing, but "Howe" 
you play the game. 

Becky Meek 
Jessica Bell 

Top: Soccer Team (Left to Right): David Phipps, Dan 
Grebekain, Herberto Rojas, Shane Below, Doug Sims, 
Kathy Sims, Jeremy Wilson, Kathy McMillian, Teresa 
Perez-Gavilan, Jessica Bell, Coach Billie Moore, Ken- 
drick Billingly. Chad Price, Rebekah Meek, Captains 
Sam Hobbs and Josh Roof. 


Tashia Guynn 
Activities: Cheerleader, National 
Honor Society, President of the 
Student Counsel, Vice-President of the 
Senior class, and debutante for the 
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 
Most Memorable Moment: When I 
was cheering at a basketball game 
against Chatard, we went into triple 
overtime, and we won. 
Most Embarrassing Moment: My 
freshman year, I went into the wrong 
class and sat down. 

Favorite Subjects: Math, science, and 

Favorite Teachers: Mr. Coulon, Miss 
Keaton, Mr. Ireland 
Future College Plans: Either Howard 
University in Washington, DC, or 
South Carolina State University 
Last quote: "The one thing I'll always 
remember about Howe is the mascot, 
T.C. Hornet." 

Trisha Wilson 
What Sport? 

Girls' Swimming. 
What Position? 

200 freestyle and 100 butterfly. 
Most Memorable Moment? 

My junior year, we swam against 
IDS. I swam the 500 freestyle and beat 
the other girl. 
Most Embarrassing Moment? 

At a meet, I went to get out of the 
pool, when I lost my footing and fell 
back in. 
Favorite Teachers? 

Carolyn Freeman, Jennifer McNally, 
and Keith White. 
Post-Graduation Plans? 

Go to college, (either Ball State or 
Favorite Subjects? 

Mathematics and English. 
Last Quote: 

I've enjoyed swimming all four 
years. I hope next year, the team 
competes well without me. 

Justin Morris 
What Sport? 

What Position? 

Most Memorable Moment? 

Last year, when 1 went to Slate 
Most Embarrassing Moment? 

I would rather not say. 
Favorite Teachers? 

Tom Lewis, Penny McNeish, Enrol 
Spears, Mike Hepler, and Pat Aman. 
Post-Graduation Plans? 

Four- year college (a good one). 
Favorite Subjects? 

Math, music, and business. 

Grant McDonald 

Sports: Wrestling and baseball 
Positions: 130 lb. class for wrestling; 
OF, lb for baseball 
Most Memorable Moment: Winning 
freshman city 

Most Embarrrassing Moment: 
Getting put out in the dugout after 
realizing that I was safe at first against 
Heritage Christian during my sopho- 
more year. 

Favorite Subjects: Math 
Favorite Teachers: Mr. Ireland, Mr. 
Finkbiner, and Mr. Pau-ick 
Post-Graduation Plans: Go to an 
engineering school and study aeronauti- 
cal engineering. 

Last Quote: Beware the fury of the 
patient man. 

Aimee Zoeiler 
What Sport? 

What Position? 

#1 Doubles 
Most Memorable Moment? 

When 1 received Most Valuable 
Player two years in a row. 
Most Embarrassing Moment? 

One match 1 forgot to wear my briefs 
and my skirt was flying everywhere. 
The worst part was 1 had on Belly 
Boop underwear. 
Favorite Teachers? 

Mrs. Jody George 
Post-Graduation Plans? 

Attend Hanover College. 
Favorite Subjects? 

English and French. 




Mike Mundy 

Activities: Captain and Quarterback 

for Varsity Football, Basketball 

player. Student Council Senior 


Most Memorable Moment: Winning 

the Basketball Sectionals against 


Most Embarrassing Moment: Last 

summer at the Harpold's lake house, I 

went tubing and my shorts fell off in 

the water ( in front of everyone)! 

Favorite Subjects: Math and Science 

Favorite Teachers: Mr. Patrick, Mr. 

Lynch, Mrs. Bancroft, Mr. Thompson, 

Mr. Harpold 

Future College Plans: Ball State to 

be an architect 

Last Quote: 1 will always remember 

crazy ole Mike (superfan), Mr. 

Dinken's Thumbhead, and Mr. 

Thompson's big words. 

Karie Poynter 
What Sport? 

What Position? 

#1 Doubles 
.Most Memorable Moment? 

When my paruier and I were seated 
#1 in IPSAC. 
Most Embarrassing Moment? 

My most embarrassing moment was 
when Aimee and 1 were playing 
against and I was trying to get a deep 
shot and 1 ran straight into the fence. 
Favorite Teacher? 

Mr. MacAllister, Mr. Page, Mr. 
Post-Graduation Plan? 

Take Pre-Law at Purdue. 
Favorite Subject? 

U.S. History 

Boys Tennis 

Above: Jimmie Quarles readies himself to hit a backhand 
over the net. 

Top Right: Justin Morris sets up with great form for a 



Below: Boys Tennis (Left to Right): Back Row: Coach 
Errol Spears, Jimmie Quarles, Robbie Burford, Justin 
Sparks, Justin Morris, Ms. Mary Koopman. Front Row: 
Joe Briscoe, Tony Gray. 

The Boys Tennis Team did exception- 
ally well this year. The team placed sev- 
enth, out of twelve teams, overall in the 
city tournament. Each player advanced to 
the second round. 

The team this year was coached by Er- 
rol Spears and Mary Koopman. The cap- 
tain was Justin Morris. 
Justin Morris 

60/Boys Tennis 

Trisha Wilson and Amanda Young discuss their pro- 

Below: Mrs. Megan Booth, student teacher to Mr. Joe 
Vollmer, enjoys her new activity, coaching girls swim- 

Girls Swimming 

Below Left: Dangerous as it may be. Rose Yanasak pre- 
pares to drive. 

Below Right: Cindy Foley asks for advice from her 

When in need of a new coach Mr. Joe Vollmer' s stu- 
dent teacher, Mrs. Megan Booth, came to the rescue for 
the Girls Swimming Team. 

The team members found difficulties again this sear 
with not having their own pool, having to work around 
Tech High's team, having late practices, and having a 
small number of swimmers on the team. Mrs. Booth stat- 
ed, however, that the team members gave their best eve- 
ry time and showed remarkable sportsmanship whether 
they won or lost. 

Trisha Wilson and Came Hubbard were captains for 
the team. Trisha Wilson received the Mental Attitude 
award; Amanda Young, the Most Valuable Swimmer; 
and Ronda Spratt, the Most lmpro\ed Swimmer. 

Left: Girls Swimming Team (Left to Right >; Back: Car- 
rie Hubbard, Tnsha Wilson, Ronda Spratt. Front: Coach 
Megan Booth, Shannon Hunter, Rose Yanasak, Julie 

Girls S\\immini:'61 


Top: Boys Cross Country (Left to Right): Back Row: 
Johnny Ray, Ronald Palmer, Carl Johnson, Coach Mar- 
tin Sam. Front Row: Mike Wilson, David Keglar, Vidal 

Above: Jamie Boyd and Cassie Weidner lead their op- 
ponent at this time. 

The 1994 Girls Cross Country Team won 
IPSAC. In first place was Carola Kirsten, 
sixth place, Amanda Young; eighth place, Ja- 
mie Boyd. 

The team should have been recognized for 
their hard work and dedication. 

The Boys Cross Country did as well in in- 
dividual; Johnny Ray won it all, came in first 
place, in IPSAC. The only returning varsity 
letterman on the team was also Johnny Ray. 

Top: Johnny Ray, the only Cross Country IPSAC cham- 
pion and returning letterman, practices in the halls on a 
rainy day. 

Above: Girls Cross Country (Left to Right): Back: Sun- 
ny Smith, Jenny Perdue, Annie Burford, Cassie Weid- 
ner, Coach Sean Marcum. Front Row: Carola Kirsten, 
Amanda Young, Jamie Boyd. 

62/Cross Country 

Golden Gals 

Below: Golden Gals (Lett to Rigtitj; Back Row: Dallene 
Harpold. Knstina Guerrero, Hollie Bays. Brandy John- 
son, Jenny McAdams, LaShawnda Jotinson. Leafy Dun- 
nam. Brandy Bowen, LaToya Freer. Middle Row: Jen- 
nifer Cox, Monique Lange. Kerry Marsh. Cheryl St. 
Lawrence, Tanya Spurgeon. Melissa Loveless, Rene 
Saulsberry. Front Row: Farrah Rooney, Mickelle Goss, 


Sometime during the football game, a per- 
son might wonder who the girls are who are 
on the sidelines in jerseys. These girls are the 
Golden Gals, a group e.xciting. inspiring the 
football team members to make life a little 
easier for them and the coaches. Beyond sup- 
porting this way, the girls run water, take sta- 
tistics, and run chains. 

The Golden Gals will never forget their 
cheering the team on to victory. Being a 
Golden Gal gives a student a chance to learn 
more about football and see the action behind 
the scenes, become close to a number of foot- 
ball players, and acquire a great number of 
good friends. Being a Golden Gal is \ ery tir- 
ing but all the hard work was worth all the 
memories each will always ha\ e. 
Melissa Loveless 

Above: Golden Gals Tanya Spurgeon and Jennifer Cox 
give each other a high "5"' as the team makes a touch 

Above: Senior Golden Gals Kerry Marsh and Farrah 
Rooney are busy making posters. They shov\' that the 
Golden Gals do more than just carry water. 

Golden Gals 0.^ 



The Hornet Basketball Team, led by cap- 
tains Brian Williams and William Malone, 
started the season optimistically and looking 
for an undefeated season. With the help of 
seniors, Michael Mundy and Harold Keys, 
and junior, Alfonzo Torrence, these starting 
five set out to win IPSAC, city, and their sec- 
tional. But as in any activity, there were ob- 
stacles in their path, and the Hornets finished 
with a record of less than what they desired. 

Above: Mike Mundy and Brian Williams use teamwork 
to strip the ball. 

Right: Freshman Basketball Team (Left to Right): Back 
Row: Coach White, Mike Cooper, James Henderson, 
Michael Webb, Robert Reed. Eddriguez Smith, John 
Lorrick, Chris Pace. Front Row: Steven Phillips, David 
Reyna, J'mel Gant, James Simmons. 



Top: Coach Thompson tries to figure out a way to win 
the game. 

Top Right: Antonio Hornbeaic shoots the jumper over 
the Beech Grove defense. 

Left: Johnny Ray lays the ball up during warm-up. 

Above: Varsity Basketball Team iLcft to Right); Back 
Row: Darnell Davis, Michael Mundy, Brian \\ illiams. 
Alfonzo Torrence. Harold Keys, Michael Bible. Front 
Row: Antonio Hornbeak. William Malone. Da\id L'n- 
seld, Jason Cartwns;hi. 

Basketball ^,'= 




This year's Girls Basketball Team has im- 
proved tremendously over last year's team. 
Hours of practice, hardwork, determination, 
confidence, attitude, and heart have made the 
Girls Basketball Team winners. 

This year started out with two new coach- 
es. Varsity Coach Michael Bryant and Junior 
Varsity Coach Kathy Dwenger implied the 
strength in all of us was to play the game with 
all we had. Jennifer HoUenbaugh and Crystal 
Morelock are going to be missed, but they 
will always have a name at Howe. 

Wherever they may be. keep an eye out for 
the returning varsity players of next year # 1 
Chonta Freeling, #12 Alica Hager. #14 Vi- 
cki Beck, #20 Portia Flournoy. #50 Shar- 
anda Carr, and #42 Nicole Power. 

Above: Sharanda Carr stings Beech Grove as she scores 
more points to her name. 

Right: Varsity Girls Basketball Team (Lett to Right): 
Back Row: Coach Michael Bryant. Alicia Hager, Vicki 
Beck, Nicole Power, Tara Baker, Portia Flournoy. Mid- 
dle: Chonita Freeling, Jennifer HoUenbaugh. Front: 
Sharanda Carr, Crystal Morelock. 

Top Left: Portia Flournoy makes a jumpshot, putting the;; 
Hornets back into the lead. ' 

Above: Chonita Freeling fires the ball ending another; 
winning game. 

Left: Vicki Beck makes a jumpshot, scoring another 

66/Girls Basketball 

Above: Reserve Girls Basketball (Left to Right): Back 
Row: Coach Michael Bryant, Shaquita Blanchard. 
Coach Kathy Swenger. Middle: Vicki Beck, Alicia Hag- 
er. Star Dalton. Front Row: Janel Lanier, Tara Baker, 
Katrina Stovall 


Right: Coach Bryant dis- 
cusses the play that would 
lead the team to victory. 

Above: Senior Crystal Morelock scores her 500th basket 
in the second quarter. 

Left: Senior .lennifer Hollenbaugh starts the pla\ with a 
good start. 

Girls Basketball t^" 

Mat Maids 

Nicole Duncan (Left) and Cassie Weid- 
ner (Right) are captains for the Mat 
Maids this year; they have been on the 
squad for four years. 

Above: Mat Maids (Left to Right): Front 
Row: Nicole Duncan, Heather Sullivan, 
Cassie Weidner. Middle Row: Aimee 
Zoeller, Jennifer Perdue. Brandy John- 
son. Back Row: Farrah Rooney, Jennifer 
Cox, Brandi Bowen, Mrs. Gloria Weid- 

Left: Aimee Zoeller works on posters to 
boost the spirits of the wrestlers. 


68/Mat Maids 

Jelow; Sam Hobbs is waiting tor the match to start. 

Middle: Grant McDonald and Lance Muggins are just 
Below: Sam Hobbs is trying not to be taken down. warming up. 

Below: Wrestling Team (Left to Right): Front Row: Lance Huggins, Grant 
McDonald, Jack Jackson, Patrick Page, Coleman Anderson. Back Row: 
Assistant Coach Jerry Taylor, Coach Boekankamp. 

Wrestlint: ^'J 

70/Football Cheerleader: 

Give meaH...O...W...E...! 

No game of football would be the same if 
it weren't for the pride of cheerleaders. But 
before you saw them at a game, there were 
hours of practice and preparation that was 
needed. With more girls coming out, there 
were cheers to be taught and time well spent 
to get it all together. With the spirit and en- 
thusiasm of the cheerleaders, the girls gave 
■'Pride" to the meaning of Howe, of which 
we were all proud. 
Vicki Beck 

Top: Reserve Cheerleaders (Left to Right): Monica Ed- 
wards. Jenriifer GimHch, Karie Poynter, Crystal Praul, 
Jackie Wiker, and Brandi Jones. 

Above: Cheerleader Jamie Boyd, tattooed for Home- 
coming, concentrates on The Star-Spangled Banner. 

Right: Varsity Cheerleaders (Left to Right): Amanda 
Brewster, Jessica Poynter, Annemarie Burford, Jennifer 
Urich, and Jamie Boyd. 

Football Cheerleaders/71 

Basketball Cheerleaders/Highsteppers 

Below Left; Takeisha Brandon and Monique Lange 
lead the Highsteppers at the Veterans' Day Parade. 

Below: Freshmen Cheerleaders (Left to Right): First 
Row: Jennifer Scott, Melissa Leverenz. Second 
Row: Julie Hubbard. 


1 1 

T(!B3irE mm soaoo 

INDUMAPOLiS. ■«'*"* 

The Highsteppers this year consisted of eighteen 
girls. Ms. Lisa McDonald loves working with the 
girls. Sometimes she gets angry, but we all know that 
she loves the girls. The group has no captains. They 
all work together. When they need help with a part 
to a dance or an entire dance, they ask Kyana Taylor, 
Barbara Parks, or Janelle White for help. The Highs- 
teppers participated in dances at the home games for 
football, basketball, and marching with the band. 
They sometimes do a dance with the cheerleaders at 
home games. 

The Cheerleaders had a really great year' They 
worked really hard to accomplish their goals. The 
Cheerleaders worked very well together to have an 
excellent year. 

Right: Junior Varsity Cheerleaders (Left to Right:): 
Melissa Trotter, Shannon Hart. Kyana Taylor. 

72/Basketball Cheerleaders 


Left: Varsity Cheerleaders (Left to Right); First 
Row: Jaci<ie Walker. Marshia Guynn. Second Row: 
Becky Meek, Annie Burford, James Smith, Kevin 
Starr, Renee Smith, Monica Edwards. Third Row: 
Jamie Boyd. Melissa Trotter. Fourth Row: Jessica 
Poynter. Amanda Brewster. 




Above: Highsteppers (Left to Right): Front Row: Sham- 
berley Jones, LaReina York, Barbara Parks, Kyana Tay- 
lor, Janelle White, Christina Sheppard. Karen Dunn. 
Trisha Doyle, Natalie Woods. Middle Row: Shannon 
Hart, Tiffany Wright, Malinda Renee Torrence, Leigh- 
Ann Martin, Angie Bow, Melissa Leverenz. Stephanie 
McClure. Shawn Watkins. Andrianna Moore. Back 
Row: Levia Heffner. Shontay Martin, Alicia Encarna- 
cion. Le-Neice Robinson. Takeisha Brandon. Mary Ann 

Top Right: Tisha Sheppard. .\Iehssa Le\erenz. 
and Trisha Do\ le all practice hard for a game the 
next week. 

\ho\c: Cheerleader .Monica Edwards and Base- 
man Kevin Stan' gi\e each other encouragement. 

Left: How e Cheerleaders build a p\ ramid for the 

Highsteppers ' 

Above: Kenny Burnett prepares himself tor his role as a 

Middle Right: Justin Morris and Enrique Garcia study 
their lines diligently. 

Right: Abby Brewster (Annie Dearth) hands Officer 
Brophy (Jennifer Ireland) a thermos of soup as Ken Bur- 
nett and Elizabeth Tull look on. 

This years's senior-sponsored play. Arsen- 
ic and Old Lace, was a great success even 
though the cast faced many obstacles includ- 
ing the loss of a director. However, Betsy 
Morse and Lisa Frazer pulled the cast togeth- 
er with the help of Kevin Friedly and Student 
Director Elizabeth Tull. It was the first time 
in many years that there were three perform- 
ances for the play. All three performances 
were a success. 

The two elderly Brewster sisters added 
much humor, poisoning people, hiding them 
in the window seat, and burying them in the 
basement. The Brewster brother who thought 
himself to be Teddy Roosevelt also brought 
enjoyment to the play. The entire cast was a 

74/Senior Play 

Above: Lieutenant Rooney (Josh Roof) and 
Mortimer Brewster (David Nelson) help each 
other with their parts. 

Above Right: Kevin Friedly enjoyed helping 
Albert Ellis with his role. 

Right: Annie Dearth, David Nelson, and Eli- 
zabeth Tull calmly discuss the dead body in 
the window seat. 

Below: The cast enjoys working with Kevin 

Below : Bets\ Morse, English teacher, devot- 
ed much time to directmg .Arvenic and Old 

Senior Pla\ ~5 


The Class 


76/Senior Class 


Senior Class/77 

The Class of 1995 

Adams. Charlie 

Adams, Ryan 

Allen, Shani 

Baker, Linda 

Bays, Hollie 

Bell, Michael 

Bohannon, Jamie 

Boyd, Tamara 

Bridges, Denvard 

Bullock, Keonna 

Bundy, Benjamin 

Burford, Robert 

Ball, Christina 

Brackin, Melissa 

Buster, Kassandra 


Gomez. Amanda Goss, Mickelle Grimes. Markita Griibb. Richard 

Gu\nn. Marshia 

Seniors '^ 

Guynn, Tashia 

Hart, Shannon 

Heffner, Lena 

Heffner, Levia 

Hicks, Ernest 

Hicks, Rebecca 

Higgins, Kabec 

Hill, Lorita 

Hix, Eddie 

Hobbs, Samuel Hollenbaugh, Jennifer Hombeak, Antonio 

Hums, Michelle 

Ireland, Jennifer 

Senior Antonio Hombeak (Left) greets the team. Senior Mike 
Bell (Below), recognized in National Honor Society and for iiis 
art work, helps on the Stage Crew. 

At the top of the senior class, EHzabeth Tull, while stud- 
ying, still found time to serve as Student Director and 
actress in Arsenic and Old Lace. 

Keller, Laura 

Keys, Harold 

Kirsten, Carola 

Above: Senior Calculus Ron Ireland Fan Club (Left to Right): Front: Elizabeth Tull, Nicole Duncan. 
Laura Keller, Jamie Bohannon. Back: Mr. Kevin Friedly, Brandon Spratt. Josh Roof, Trisha Wilson, 
Justin Moms. (Others unavailable at this time.) 

McCoUey, Robbie 

McCoy, Robert 

McDonald, Grant 

McFarland, Carrie 

McKinney, Mary 

Morelock, Crystal 

Morris, Justin 

Below: Jennifer Page, Trisha Rafferty, and Jennifer Per 
due display senior spirit; Chad Price, also. (Right 

Mundy, Mike 

Nay, Viola 

Page, Jennifer 

Perdue, Jennifer 

Perez-Gavilan. Teresa 

Below: Roger Kendall gets caught in senior clowning. 
Below Right: Seniors leave the building at the end of the 
school day. 

Quarles, Jimmie 

Quarles, Tracy 

Rafferty, Trisha Reedus, Jamaal 

Relford, Shana 

Sims, Douglas 

Smith, Renee 

Spratt, Brandon 

Springer, Aaron 

Spurgeon, Tanya 


Turner, Shannon Watson, Kimberly 

Weaver, Jeffrey 

Weaver, Jennifer Weidner. Cassandra 

Wessel, Scott 

Williams, Brian 

Wilson, Trisha 

York, Misty 

Vouni:. Keith 


The Class of 1996 

Alexander, Tom 

Allen, Shawn 

Allen, Teana 

Andrews, Derrick 

Avila, Dezzarae 

Baker, Tara 

Beck, Vicki 

Beem, Rachel 

Bennett, Dianna 

Bonds, Damon 

Bowen, Brandie 

Bowling, Josh 

Boyd, Dennis 

Boyd, Jamie 

Boyd, Venus 

Bozarth, Robert 

Brewster, Amanda 

Bridges, Julie 

Brown, Chris 

Brown, Eric 

Brown, Wayne 

Bryant, Earl 

Burford, Annie 

Bryk, Sean 

Buckhalter, Jennnifer 

Burgess, Christina 

Burnett, Kenneth 

Caliz, Karla 

Canady, Chinna 

Canady, Tahia 

CaiT, Sharanda 

Carter, Jimmy 

Cary, Melissa 

Childers, Scott 

Childress, Tracye 

Claffey, Jacqueline 


Clark. Angela 
Cline, Shawn 
Cloud, Kristy 
Cole, Nasiru 
Combs, Chester 
Condon, Michael 

Cooper, Zsa Zsa 
Cornett, Tina 
Coulson, Chris 
Cox, Jammie 
Craft, Tarrence 
Cross, Ayeselah 

Cross, Jerrie 
Cumbertson. Heather 
Dalton, -Starr 
Darden, George 
Davidson, Danielle 
Davis. Darnell 

Dean, Amy 
Degraphenreed, James 
Depp, Knstina 
Devore, Paulina 
Do, Lam 
Doerson, Derrick 

Dunies, Lamont 
Dunnam, Leafy 
Ealy. Jermaine 
Easter. Benji 
Eastndge. David 
Edwards. Tarrance 

EUenberg. Floyd 
Encamacion, Alicia 
Evans. Kawam 
Eytchison, Robert 
Fields. Corey 
Foley. Cynthia 

Foster. Ramon 
Fowler, Tara 
Franklin. LaDonna 
Fulcher, Angela 
Gaines, Moses 
Gamble, Michael 

Garcia, Jerem> 
GaiTard, Maisha 
Gilbert. Derreck 
Gillasps, Da\c 
GiUuni. Chad 
Goldman, Frank 

Juniors S" 

Goodman, Shuwnikhan 

Grable, Charmaine 

Graham, Nathaniel 

Graham, Shemaka 

Gray, Tony 

Griffin, Kevin 

Gross, Chris 

Hager, Josh 

Hale, Marlon 

Hamby, Jason 

Haney. Wade 

Hankins, Sarah 

Hardy, Shakira 

Hanell, Timothy 

Harris, LaShonna 

Hayes, Jeremy 

Helton, Leonna 

Henderson, La Tosha 

Hendricks, Shawn 

Hinton, LaShawnda 

Hornak, Thomas 

Horrall, Darrick 

Hoskins, Melissa 

Hubbard, Carrie 

Hubbard, Kim 

Hunter, Shannon 

Hutton, Dion 

Irby, Desional 

Irish, Nate 

Isenberg, Ja.son 

Jaynes, Dale 

Jefferson, Travis 

Jenkins, Jennifer 

Jobe, Jacqueline 

Johnson, La Shawnda 

Johnson. Larry 

Johnson, Mike 

Johnson, Tawanna 

Jones, Anne 

Jones, Koattie 

Jones, Marios 

Keys, Jeffery 

Kimball, Misty 

Kord, Dale 

Kord, Danny 

Kord, Darla 

Laakmann, Jennifer 

Lake, Brooke 


Below: As Patrick Uptegrove moves on to his class, he may wonder if he will like his new school as well. 

Lange, Monique 
Lewis, La Tangia 
Lindsay, Angela 
Long, Thomas 
Love, Dujuan 
Lowe, Kelly 

Marshall, Fred 
Marshall, Natalie 
Martm, David 
Marlm, Jamie 
Martm, Jarrett 
Martin, Lei"h-Ann 

Martinelle, Stephanie 
Matthew, Mark 
Mays, Michelle 
Mays, Sylvia 
Ma/e. Jesse 
McAdams, Jenny 

McClendon, Maria 
McCiure, Richard 
McKinney, Cherish 
McMillan, Kathryn 
Meek, Rebekah 
Mitchell, Derrick 

Mitchell, Shannon 
Mimroe, Christopher 
Moody, Amber 
Moore, David 
Morphew, David 
Mundy, Chris 

Murphy, Tracy 
Nay, Paul 
Nelson, Norman 
Newkirk, Saundra 
Niemann, Jeremy 
Oliver, Dewavne 

Oliver, Sherry 
Olson, Elisha 
Owens, Michelle 

Pace, Melissa 
Palmore. Tanika 
Parks, Barbara 

Juniors S*^ 

Parrish, Jennifer 
Parran, Kenneth 

Pasch, John 

Patton, Shawn 

Penman, Calvin 

Peters, Jake 

Petty, Kathryn 

Phipps, BUI 

Planalp, Sarah 

Plew, Misty 

Poindexter, Angela 

Pollard, Amirisa 

Potts, Thomas 

Powell, Darron 

Power, Gabe 

Poynter, Karie 

Pratt, Mike 

Praul, Melissa 

Preer, LaToya 

Putnam, Lisa 

Ray, Johnny 

Reed, Chris 

Roark, Carlissa 

Roberts, January 

Robertson, Sasha 

Robinson, Katrina 

Robinson, Mark 

Robinson, Steve 

Robinson, Tanisha 

Roney, Kory 

Rothwell, Kelly 

Rucker, Travis 

Rutherford, Angela 

Saulsbery, Rene 

Searcey, Derame 

Seeman, Lenny 

Sexton, Michelle 
Sheets, Robert 
Shelton, Devin 
Smith, Ben 
Smith, Darwin 
Smith, Heather 

Smith, Shawntae 

Snow, Philicia 

St. Lawrence, Cheryl 

Staffed, Ronnie 

Stanback, Gregory 

Starks, Tennille 


Starr, Kevin 
Steele, Cynthia 
Stewart, Darnell 
Stojcevich, Mike 
Sullivan, John 
Taylor, Keith 

Taylor, Kyana 
Taylor. Titus 
Terry, Darrin 
Terry, Sarah 
Thompson, LaWanda 
Torrence, Alfonzo 

Tran, Phung 
Trotter, Melissa 
Troxail, Melinda 
Tucher, Jason 
Turner, Jennifer 
Unseld, David 

Uptegrove, Patrick 
Urich, Jennifer 
Walda, Jennifer 
Walker, Herman 
Walluee, Kyle 
Walton, Wilbur 

Ward, Christine 
Weinke. Amy 
Wells, Rodney 
Wesner, Bobbi 
Whatley, Keisha 
White, Janelle 

White, Brandy 
White, Schunita 
Wiker, Becky 
Willis, Fred 
Wilson, Adrienne 
Wix, David 

Woods, Joseph 
Woods, Natalie 
Woodson, Michelle 
Winchester. Joe 
Wright, Tiffany 
Wurster. Heidi 

Wynne. Jeffrev 
York, LaReina 
^'oung, Amanda 
Zoeller, .Aimee 

Juniors.'"? I 

The Class of 1997 

Adams, Lakeisha 

Adkins, Jennifer 

Allen. Melissa 

Andemicael, Aster 

Anderson, Colnian 

Anderson, Swaguana 

Ashby, Darren 

Austin. Kahnata 

Baker, James 

Ballard, Anthony 

Banks, Chris 

Barberris, Danielle 

Barnes, Sara 

Bell, Jessica 

Berwanger, Brandy 

Bible, Michael 

Blair, Kim 

Bohannon, Chester 

Bonilla, Tim 

Bozarth, Michael 

Brewer, Nikki 

Brown, Shanelle 

Bruno, Robert 

Buner, Brandon 

Burke, Sebrina 

Burrows, Beverly 

Butler, Christy 

Byers, Benee 

Calbert, Benjamin 

Campbell, Christopher 

Canady, Tahia 
Candy, Terrie 

Carson, Aaron 
Carson, Alpacino 

Carter, Jimmy 
Cartwright, Jason 


Cassidy, Jason 
Childers, Ross 
Chism. Steve 
Church, Kristina 
Collins, Joseph 
Collins, William 

Cook, Monica 
Cox, Jennifer 
Craig, Brian 
Crawford, Ray 
Crockett, Venus 
Dalton, Star 

Dalton, Venus 
Davenport, Garland 
Deering, Kathy 
Degraphenreed, James 
Degraphenreed. Lakesha 
Deirth, Richard 

Devito. Leea 
Dickens, J.D. 
Dickerson, Shanelle 
Doyle, Trisha 
Duncan, William 
Dunn, Daniel 

Dunn, Karen 
Dunn, Kirk 
Easter, Benji 
Easton, David 
Edmonds, Damien 
Edwards, Monica 

Edwards. Shunery 
Edwards, Terrence 
Ellis, Charles 
Engle, Amanda 
Farber. Christine 
Faryna. Tara 

Fleming, Lev\is 
Fluker, Dwan 
Frazier, Tros 
Freeling. Chonita 
Freeling. Nicole 
Gebrekidan, David 

Glider. La'gena 
Gimlich. Jennifer 
Gieason. Catherine 
Gregor\ . Jeremy 
Grimes. Enc 
Haeer. Alicia 

Sophomores "^3 

Below: Sophomores also enjoy the meals they cook in Home Economics 

Hall, Joseph 

Hamby, Leanne 

Hamilton, Jeff 

Hamilton, Jowanna 
Harding, Jason 
Harley, Jamille 

Hatton, Jeanetta 

Hayes, Larry 

Henderson, La Tosha 

Henderson, Shandale 

Hewlett, Dana 

Hicks, Glenda 

Hiles, Laura 

Hinton, La Shaunda 

Hue, Wanda 

Hobson, Michael 

Holifield, Mike 

Hollenbaugh. Michael 

Hollins, Mitalia 

Holloway, Latoria 

Holloway, Lawrence 

Howard, Clarence 

Hucks, Annamarie 

Huggins, Lance 

Hughes, Demond 

Hull, Stephanie 

Ingram, Mercedes 

Irvin, Greg 

Jackson, Jack 

Jackson, Ymika 

Jake, Tim 

Janes, Bobby 

Jett, Scotty 

Johnson, Derik 

Johnson, Denetrius 

Johnson, Michael 

Johnson, Michael 

Johnson, Susan 

Jones, Brandi 



Below: Some sophomores take time out between classes to freshen up. 

Jones, Teresa 
Kandakai. Miatta 
Keglar, David 
Keltner, Robert 
Key, Jeffrey 
Killebrew, Jason 

Knox, Georgetta 
Lake, Jennifer 
Lamar, Coynette 
Lawrence, Samantha 
Le, Lynn 
Lederwood. David 

Lederwood, Doug 
Lee, Jason 
Lewis, Shatina 
Lindsay, Kristie 
Listen, Veronica 
Litteral, Pat 

Locandel, Louis 
Logan. Aisha 
Logsdon, David 
Lucas, Krista 
Lucas, Kristine 
Luckett, Lakisha 

Luckett. Tekosha 
Lyons, Michael 
Macha, Anthony 
Manners. Mark 
Manners, Matt 
Manson, Eric 

Manuel, Tier 
Marshal, Tracy 
Martin, Brandi 

Martin, Nathan 
Matrau. Crystal 
McCade, Melinda 

McLain. Angie 
McClendon, Maria 
McGraw , Ronald 

Sophomores "^5 

Meadows, Brandi 

Merrifield. Patricia 

Mielke, Shawn 

Miller, Ebony 

Mitchell, Kurt 

Monroe, Mike 

Morton, Adriana 

Mullenix, Robert 

Mumford, Leslie 

Muse, Amanda 

Neighbors, Misty 

Nichols, Anthony 

Nichols. William 

Niemann, Carla 

Oatts, T. 

O'Connor, Ian 
Ogies, Rebecca 

OUanketo, John 
Ollanketo, Mike 

Owens, Paula 
Owens, Vanessa 

Parks, Amanda 

Parran, Kenneth 

Partlow, Karl 

Pastrick, Jarrod 

Patton, Shawn 

Petty, Gerald 

Pimpton, Cory 

Piper, Jackilla 

Pittman, Kyandra 

Polk, Princess 

Pollard, Heather 


Porter, Keonna 
Poynter, Jessica 
Praul, Crystal 
Price. Chad 
Price, Jason 
Pryor, Joe 

Prysock, Niesha 
Quarles, Deanna 

Quiett, Lisa 
Quinn, Rufus 

Raines, Michael 
Rains, Jeremy 
Rangel, Raymond 
Reed, Antwan 
Reeder, Stacey 
Reeves. Kathleen 

Richard, Mary 
Riskka, Cone 
Roberson, Tiffany 
Roberts, Charissa 
Robinson, Apnl 
Robinson, Le'neice 

Robinson, Tanisha 
Rybolt. Richard 

Sams. Wayne 
Schroeder. Crissv 

Scott. Shauna 
SearecN. Keon 
Sheppard. Christina 
Shrepshire. Frednck 
Slmmon^. Anthon> 
Simpson. Jame.v 

Sophomores '^~ 

Skolburg, Robert 

Smith. Tiona 

Spall. Richard 

Spears. Amy 

Speed, Jermaine 

Spells. Monica 

Staples. Crystal 
Staples, Crystal 
Stefford. Deanna 
Stewart. Ella 
Stone, Michelle 
Stone, Thomas 

Stotts, Nicole 

Strode. Holly 

Sullivan. Jennifer 

Sutton. Angela 

Swan. Erin 

Talley. Cavm 

Right: Cheerleader Jessica Poyn- 

ter and Highstepper Tisha Shep- 

pard. sophomores, join forces. 

Middle Right: Sophomore Cole- 
man Anderson warms up after a 

Far Right: Jessica Bell, sopho- 
more, and Becky Meek, junior, 
work together in soccer. 

Tandy. Darrin 

Terry. Sonya 

Tompkins. Jeremiah 

Trotter. Mike 

Troxail. Anthony 

Turner. Cattie 

Turner. Dainon 
Turner. Daniel 
Turner. Loretta 
Turnley. Cortia 
Eytchison, Kate 
Valentine, Robert 

Veal, Nikita 

Vo, Dung 

Walker. Jackie 

Walton. Troy 

Warr, Monique 

WaiTen, Victor 


Welch, Destinny 
Williams, Padro 
Williams, Tennille 
Williams, Tonya 
Wooden, Lorirel 
Yanasak, Rose 

Sophomores "^"^ 

The Class of 1998 

Abercrombie. Missty 

Allen. Patrice 

Amnions, Fermon 

Anderson. Aretha 

Anderson. Jason 

Babcock. John 

Bailey. Darnell 
Bailey, Quincy 
Bailey. Robert 
Baker. Rhonda 
Ball. Lon 
Banks. Tiffany 

Banner, James 

Barber, Katherine 

Bare. Daz 

Bars. Hope 

Bates. Julie 

Baxter. Mesan 

Beatty. Rosalee 
Beck, Joseph 
Below, Shane 
Banner. James 
Bergert. Allen 
Berry. Crystal 

Berry, Verdell 

Billingsley. Kenric 

Bishop. Katherine 

Blackmon. Crystal 

Blanchard. Shaquita 

Blythe, Steven 

Bonds, Sylvester 

Bostick, Tony 

Boyd. David 

Brandon. Anton 

Brandon. Takeisha 

Bratcher. Tabitha 


Briscoe. Joseph 
Bronstrup, Rachel 
Brown, Cheryl 
Brown. Jennifer 
Brown. Lou 
Brown, Natahe 

Brown, Sheneeka 
Brown. Tracy 
Browning, Randy 
Bryant, Stanley 
Burkholder. Joshua 
Burrus, Eric 

Burton, Jennifer 
Calbert, Marcia 
Caluza, Julie 
Cartwright, Corey 
Catron, Olivia 
Chadwick, Dustin 

Chadwick, Lisa 
Chambers, Patrick 
Chapman, Misty 
Childress, Jason 
Chumney, Marcus 
Cohen, Deraun 

Cole, Christopher 
Collier, Donald 
Collins, Trina 
Combs, Joshua 
Condon, Wayne 
Conard, Katherine 

Conner, Sarah 
Cook. Portica 
Coomer. Bryan 
Cooper, Lance 
Cooper. Michael 
Couch, Joseph 

Curtis, Latasha 
Dammeyer. Nathan 
Darden. Tiffany 
Da\'is. Donghia 
Da\ is, Kizz> 
Da\ IS. Timotln 

Day . Dorsey 
Dean, Teresa 
Deel, Christina 
Dela>. Shyra 
Delk. Jeremiah 
Depp. Wendell 

Freshniea 101 

Below: Freshman Brian Flowers has finished his registration; 
Below: This freshman pays attention to her teacher in her class. and is waiting for school to start. 

Devost. Ashford 

Dewitte, Kevin 

Dewitte. Michael 

Dile. Amanda 

Dinsmore, Amber 

Dixon, Lisa 

Dixon, Trena 
Douthit, Steven 
Dowdell, J'Mel 

Dumes, Maurice 

Dunnam, Melissa 

Earl, Rita 

Easier, Henry 

Edmonds, Brandie 

Edmonds, Shondelle 

Efford, Tiffaney 

Ehienwald, Douglas 

Eldridge, Curtis 

Elliot, Felicia 

Ellis, Amanda 

Ellis, Michael 

Ellis, William 

Emerson, Brandon 

Emery, William 

Engle, CaiTie 

Estien, Jorge 

Fagan, LaTonya 

Farber, Sarah 
Farley, Kristina 
FaiTis. Christina 


Below: John gets to the front and center ot his freshman Below: At first, freshmen were confused, but J'Mei 
class. knows where to head for his class. 

Fawcett. Jamie 
Felter, Jennifer 
Fields, Christopher 
Flournoy, Portia 
Flowers, Byron 
Ford, Domaneek 

Foreman. Frankie 
Foster, Misty 
Frankhn. Amy 
Freeman. Deondre 
Freeman, Sharee 
Friskey, Ronnie 

Fuller. Patrice 
Gaddie, Gloria 
Gaines, Dwayne 
Gaines, Tomorrow 
Gant. Jemel 
Garcia, David 

Freshmen 103 

Graves. Ron 

Green Jr., Elton 

Gross, Deann 

Guerrero, Kristina 

Guess, Amanda 

Hager, James 

Hall, Brian 

Hall, Douglas 

Hamilton, Joseph 

Hardman, Brandie 

Harris, Damon 

Harris. Donshey 

Harris, Rudy 

Hart, Jason 

Harvell, Keisha 

Harwood, Mindy 

Hauer, James 

Hauger, Lisa 

Hause, Danielle 

Hawkins. Troise 

Helton. Michelle 

Henderson. James 

Henderson. Marlena 

Henderson. Shanceretha 

Henry, Sharon 

Hemng. Eric 

Hicks. Melinda 

Hill, Natalie 

Hix, Christal 

Hobbs, Sophie 

Hodge, Ronnie 

Hoff, Aaron 

Hogan, Royce 

Holifield, Memorie 

Holt, Jennifer 

Hornak, Melissa 

Hoskins, Corey 

Hubbard, Julie 

Hudson, Tonya 

Huffman. Otis 

Humphress, Amanda 

Humphress. Melinda 

Humphrey. Issha 

Hunt. Candice 

Hutchmson. Vicky 

Imel. Johnny 

WhUe. Indya 

Jackson. Shantrea 


Jackson. Tiffany 
Jameson, Marc 
Jefferson, Corey 
Jenkins, Angela 
Johnson, Carl 
Johnson. Darrell 

Johnson, Frank 
Johnson. Mike 
Johnson. Samantha 
Johnson. Susan 
Johnson, Terry 
Johnston, Susan 

Jones, Adris 
Jones, Florida 
Jones, John 
Jones, Mike 
Jones, Shamberley 
Kendrick, Bnttani 

Kendrick, Isaac 
Kern. Josh 
Keys. Brandy 
Kimball. Sarah 
Kimbrough. Amber 
Kimbrough, Roosevelt 

Kirby, Curtis 
Kirby, Thomas 
Knowles. Passion 
Knox, Angela 
Lacy, Angela 
Lagle. Amy 

Lamb. Scotty 
Lawrence. Marcus 
Lee. Anthony 
Lee, Ashanti 
Lee. Melissa 
Leflore, Daniel 

Lehmkuhl. Lacy 
Leslie. Thomas 
Leverenz, Melissa 
Lewis. De\in 
Lewis. Keonna 
Linhart. .Andrea 

Logan. Ton\ a 
Long, Rebecca 
Lovell. Kelh 
Loyal. Allen 
Lumpkin. B\rant 
Mabrs. William 

Freshmea 105 

Mains, Cecil 
Mann, Lesley 
Marlett, Melanie 
Martin, Curtis 
Martin, Kevin 
Martin, Tracy 

Martinelle, Nicholas 

Marvin, John 

Matlock, Shanta 

Matthews. Vanessa 

Mattingly, Beth 

Mays, Berton 

McCarley, Thomas 

McClain, Mike 

McClure, Brian 

McClure, Stephanie 

McConnell, Daniel 

McCool. Melissa 

McCubbins. La'Tasha 

McFarland, James 

McGee, Starla 

McKee, Thad 

McKinney, Amanda 

McMiller, Alisha 

McNeil, Bradley 

Meyer, Shaunda 

Michael, Leon 

Milam, Lailee 

Miles, Joni 

Miller, Steve 

Minck, Nicole 

Monday, Hulbert 

Moncrier. Dejuan 

Moore, Anthony 

Moore, Darren 

Moore, David 

Moore, Tomock 

Mullins, Barbra 

Murry, Jason 

Muse, Amber 

Muse, Peggy 

Mustain, Ralph 

Napier, James 

Napper, Robert 

Neuhausel, Jason 

Newkirk, Donna 

O'Conner, Larry 

Oder, Jonathan 


Overshiner, Jennifer 
Owens, Titus 
Pace, Chris 
Paff, Crystal 
Parker. John 
Parksey, Donna 

Patrick, Rayna 
Patterson. James 
Patterson, Wilham 
Peavler, Rachel 
Perry, Amanda 
Peters, Doug 

Phillips, Steve 
Phipps. David 
Pitts, Jennifer 
Posey, Kevin 
Poskey, Erin 
Poston, Billy 

Poteet, Michael 
Potter, Jarrad 
Power, Audrea 
Pringle, Kevin 
Quinnette, Ricky 
Raines, Steve 

Ray, Jeremy 
Reed, Robert 
Relford. Natalie 
Reyna. Da\id 
Rhinehan. Judith 
Rhineharl. Robert 

Ricketts, Thomas 
Riedman. Rachel 
Riley. Carrie 
Rios, Christopher 
Rippy, Michael 
Roar, Toni 

Robertson. Shanieca 
Rogers. Jeremiah 
Rojas. Henberto 
Ross, Christina 
Royal, Randy 
Rush, Paula 

Sams, Penny 
Schmidt. Kristina 
Scott, Jennifer 
Sharpe. Kenny 
Sims. Kath) 
Sizenioie. Aneel 

Freshmea 10" 

Below: Freshman Marlisa Robinson enjoys her class. 

Below: Freshman Renee Torrence, with Christina, Leva, an 
Alicia, displays her spirit. ' i 

Skoskie, Melissa 

Smith, Eddriguez 

Smith, Heather 

Smith, James 

Smith, Rodney 

Smith, Sean 

Smith, Sunny 

Sparks, Connie 

Sparks, Justin 

Spivey, Kenneth 

Spratt, Ronda 

Spurrier, David 

Stacy, Mike 

Starks, William 

Steigerwald, Charles 

Sterling, Samantha 

Stiles, Tiffany 

Streif, Ben 

Stnckland, Letteris 

Sutt, Mike 

Taylor. Steve 

Thomas, Precious 

Thomas, Rakeytra 

Tinsley, David 

Toliver. Antonio 

Torrence, Malinda 

Townsley, Tonya 

Trimble, Dustin 

Tripp. Tiffany 

Turner, Jeiry 


Turner, Lydia 
Turner, Terry 
Tyler, Desirei 
Urban, Jeremy 
Vann, Chad 
Vliy, April 

Wade, Tyla 
Waite.s, Jurvan 
Walker, Akamii 
Walker, Jason 
Wallace, Christopher 
Wallace, Vidal 

Walls, Tamika 
Ware, Sarah 
Weaver, Chantise 
Webb. Kenneth 
Webb, Michael 
Webster, Marlys 

Wellington, Domicia 
Wells, Kenneth 
White, Lindsay 
Whitfield, Norman 
Whorton, Sonya 
Wiggins, Sonya 

Wiggins. Tonya 
Wiggs, Judith 
Williams, Robert 
Williams, Heather 
Williains, Kerie 
Williams, Resale 

Williams. Sabrina 
Willis, Crystal 
Wilson, Antwan 
Wilson, Audie 
Wilson, Jamaal 
Wilson, Maria 

Wilson, Mario 
Wilson, Michael 
Wilson, Stephen 
Wilson, Jerem\ 
Wuest, Jamie 
Youns, Shenae 

Yowell, Rodne\ 

Freshmea 1 CW 


Walker. Madora 

Berry, Robert 

Clark. Peggy 

Adams. Bea 

Alexander. Latrice 

Aman, Patricia 

Asbell. Deborah 

Ballow. Mattie 

Bancroft, Mary 

Baretord. Deborah 

Bartolowits. Leslie 

Batman. Dean 

Beswick. John 

Boynton, Ann 

Brown, Larry 

Byrd, Deanna 

Carter, Mary 

Cooper, Tamara 

Davis, Sam 

DeWitz, Mary 

Diggle, Martha 

Dressier, Warren 

Ellur, V.M. 

Emigh, Vicki 

Ervin, Curt 
Finkbiner. Ron 

Fra/.er. Lisa 

Friedly. Pat 
Gaines. Gloria 

Gant. Mike 

George. Jody 

Gonzalez. Art 

Grooms. Maurice 

Hasse. Edward 

Hembd. Shirley 

Hepler, Mike 

Hines, Denis 

Muggins, Robert 

Ireland, Ron 

Jones, Gloria 

Keaton, Evelyn 

Keller. Shelley 

Kendall. Charles 
King, Damon 
Komann, James 
Koopman, Mary 
Leffler, Jo Anna 
Lego, William 




l.ewis, Tom 
Lynch, Jim 
MacAllister, Bruce 
McGinley, Charles 
McNally, Jennifer 
McNeish, Penny 

Miller. David 
Miller. Paul 
Morse, Betsy 
Murrell. Edward 
Nelson, Arnold 
Patrick, Barry 

Perry, Yvonne 
Petty, Sandra 
Ratner, Nancy 
Reece, Shelly 
Renie, Thomas 
Reynolds, Lillia 

Scott, King 
Sexton, Stephanie 
Singh, Jatinder 
Smith, Shirley 
Spaulding, Robert 
Spears. Enrol 

Stanesberry, Bartholomev\ 
Stephens, Shirley 
Stevenson IV, Mitchell 
Sutton, Donna 
TatJinger, Steve 
Thompson. James 

Valentine, Frances 
Vandivier, Stella 
Vespo, Joe 
Vollmer. Joe 
Walter. Charles 
Washineton. Herman 

Watford. Josephine 
Watson, Row 
Wemple. Rand\ 
White, Keith 
Whittemore. Lsnn 
Wiceins. John 

Wiseman, Sandra 
Wolinsk\, Debbie 
Woodfork, Basil 
Woods, Janet 
■^'arber, James 
Zuraw ski, Philip 

Faciiltx Staff 1 11 

Divincenzo, John 

Below Left; It looks as though Miss Mary Bancroft, Mrs. 
Stella Vandivier, Mrs. Betsy Morse, and Mr. Dave Smartz 
are enjoying themselves at the Media Center's luncheon for 
the teachers. 

Below Right; Mr. Robert Huggins is always willing to lend 
a smile and a helping hand. 

Above and Left; Hey, Mr. Page, do you need a foot?! I mean a • 

Shelton, Greg 

Skene, John 

Smartz, David 

Stewart, Dave 


Buckley, William 
Dinkens. Dale 
Loll. Frank 
McDonald, Lisa 
Moss, Bruce 
Ockomon, Jan 

Top: This looks like a familiar sight for a busy 
counselor like Mr. Dave Smartz. I wonder w here 
he's hiding this time ' 

Far Left: Mr. Bruce Moss takes a short break 
from helping his counselees. 

Left: Miss Ro.\y Watson looks on as she shows 
her guest through the Intersession display. 

Carroll, Treva 
.lessup, Tim 
Milburn, Linda 
Woods, Bettv 




The difficulties the HILLTOPPER staff 
encountered were numerous since nearly the 
entire staff was new. Students had to learn to 
take pictures, to write copy, to make layouts, 
to write captions, to crop pictures, to index, 
and to do other required work as well as hand 
out Prestige pictures to students and identi- 
fication cards. 

The editors, Vicki Beck and Heidi Wurs- 
ter, worked hard on the yearbook, often typ- 
ing words and directions for the printer. 

Above: Deanna Quarles and Lewis Fleming design 
pages for the HILLTOPPER with Rebecca Jablowski, 
a Swiss foreign exchange student. 

Left: Dianna Bennett and Darron Powell sort pictures 
for later placement. 

Right: Editor Vicki Beck works on paperwork for the 


Hill topper 1 1 

Abercrombie, Missty 100 
Adams, Bea 110 
Adams, Charlie 55, 78 
Adams, Kenneth 26 
Adams, Lakeisha 92 
Adams, Ryan 26 
Adams, Vrisha 20 
Adkins, Jennifer 28, 43, 92 
Alexander, Latrice 110 
Alexander, Thomas 26, 86 
Allen, David 49, 86 
Allen, Melissa 92 
Allen, Patrice 100 
Allen,- Shani 78 
Allen, Teana 86 
Aman, Patricia 44, 110 
Ammons, Freeman 100 
Andemichael, Aster 27, 92 
Andemichael, Tedro 18 
Anderson, Aretha 20, 100 
Anderson, Chris 49 
Anderson, Coleman 55, 69, 

Anderson, Jason 104 
Anderson, Swaquana 92 
Andrews, Derrick 86 
Archer, Christopher 35 
Arnold, Lauren 19 
Asbell, Deborah no 
Ashby, Darren 92 
Atwell, Nova 70 
Austin, Kahnata 92 
Avila, Dezzarae 86 


Babcock, John 100 
Bailey, Darnell 34, 100 
Bailey, Quincy 100 
Bailey, Robert 100 
Baker, James 92 
Baker, Linda 78 
Baker, Rhonda 100 
Baker, Tara 35, 53, 56, 57, 

Ball, Christina 78 
Ball,Lori 100 
Ballard, Anthony 92 
Ballow, Mattie 110 
Bancroft, Mary 110, 112 
Banks, Christopher 92 
Banks, Tiffany 100 
Banner, James 100 
Barber, Katie 100, 34 

Barberis, Danielle 92 

Bare, Daz 100 

Bareford, Deborah 31, 78 

Barnes, Sara 28. 43. 92 

Barrow, Nikki 24 

Bars. Hope 100 

Bartolowitz, Leslie 110 

Bates, Julie 100 

Batman, Dean 100 

Baxter, Megan 100 

Bays, Hollie 53, 63, 78 

Beaity, Roselee 100 

Beck, Joe 100 

Beck, Vicki 53, 66. 67, 86, 


Beem, Rachel 86 

Bell, Jessica 26, 27, 28, 31, 

34, 36, 44, 53, 58, 92, 96, 



Below, Shane 58, 100 

Benner, James 30, 100 

Bennett, Dianna 57, 86, 


Bergert, Allen 100 

Berry, Crystal 100 

Berry, Robert 110 

Berry. Verdell 100 

Berwanger. Brandy 20, 34, 


Beswick, John 110 

Bible, Michael 65, 92 

Billingsley, Kenric 19, 58, 


Bishop, Katherine 100 

Blackman, Crystal 100 

Blair, Kimberly 92 

Blanchard, Shaquita 67,100 

Blythe, Steve 100 

Boekankamp 69 

Bohannon, Chester 17, 92 

Bohannon, Jamie 26. 27. 


Bonds, Damon 86 

Bonds, Sylvester 100 

Bonilla, Tim 92 

Booth, Megan 61 

Bostick. Tony 100 

Bow. Angle 73 

Bowen, Brandy 25, 63, 68, 


Bowling, Josh 14, 55, 69, 


Bowling, Ron 30 

Boyd, David 100 

Boyd, Dennis 49, 55, 86 

Boyd, Jamie 22, 3 1,34, 35, 



Boyd, Tamara 31,78 
Boyd, Venus 86 
Boynton, Ann 78 
Bozarth, Michael 92 
Bozarth, Robert 86 
Brackin, Melissa 78 
Bradshaw, Shawna 35 
Brandon, Anton 100 
Brandon. Takeisha 72. 73. 

Bratcher. Tabitha 57. 100 
Brewer, Nikki 92 
Brewster, Amanda 46, 71, 

Brewster, Jessica 16 
Bridges. Denvard 78 
Bridges, Julie 9, 14, 51, 86 
Briscoe, Joe 34, 60, 101 
Bronstrup, Rachel 101 
Brown, Carrie 11,31 
Brown, Cheryl 101 
Brown, Christopher 47, 64, 

Brown, Eric 86 
Brown, Jennifer 101 
Brown, Larry 110 
Brown, Lou 30. lOi 
Brown, Natalie 101 
Brown, Shanelle 92 
Brown, Sheneeka 101 
Brown, Tommy 12 
Brown, Tracy 70, 101 
Brown, Wayne 31 ,47,54. 

Browning, Randy 101 
Bruno, Robert 92 
Buner, Brandon 92 
Bryant, Earl 86 
Bryant, Michael 31, 55, 66, 
67, 112 

Bryant, Stanley 101 
Bryk, Sean 17,86 
Buchannon, Christina 34 
Buckhalter, Jennifer 86 
Bullock, Keonna 29, 31, 78 
Bundy, Benjamin 78 
Burford. Annie 15, 22, 31, 
Burford, Robert 60, 78 
Burgess, Christina 86 
Burke, Sebrina 92 
Burkholder, Joshua 101 
Burnett, Kenneth 26, 28, 30, 
Burrows, Beverly 92 
Burr us, Eric 30, 101 
Burton, Jennifer 34, 57 
Buster, Kassandra 78 

Butler. Christy 14.31,34. 


Byers, Renee 92 

Byrd, Deanna 78 

Caesar, Jason 12 
Calbert, Benjamin 6, 92 
Calbert, Marcia 30, 1 
Caliz, Gustavo 14, 86 
Caliz, Karla 27 
CalUcott,Maurice 31, 55, 

Caluza, Julie 101 
Campbell, Christopher 92 
Canady, Chinna 86 
Canady, Tahia 86. 92 
Canady, Terrie 18, 92 
Carnes, Darin 50, 79 
Carr, Sharanda 66, 86 
Carrell, Jason 31 
Carroll, Treva 113 
Carson, Aaron 92 
Carson, Alpacino 92 
Carter, Jinvny 34, 86, 92 
Carter, Mary 110 
Cartwright, Jason 92, 101 
Cary, Melissa 86 
Cassidy, Jason 93 
Catron, Olivia 101 
Chadwick, Dust in 101 
Chambers, Patrick 30, 101 
Champman, Jason 14 
Chapman, Misty 101 
Childers, Ross 7, 55, 93 
Childers, Scott 7, 55. 86 
Childress, Jason 101 
Childress. Tracye 86 
Chism. Steven 13 
Chumney, Marcus 101 
Church. Kristina 93 
Claffey. Jacqueline 86 
Clark. Angela 87 
Clark, Peggy 110 
Clifton, Raymond 26 
Cline. Shawn 16. 49. 87 
Cloud, Kristy 16, 87 
Cohen, Deraun 101 
Cole, Chris 101 
Cole, Nasiru 87 
Collier. Donald 101 
Collins, Jopseph 31 ,44, 93 
Collins, Trina 101 
Collins, William 93 
Combs, Chester 55, 87 

Combs, Joshua 101 
Combs, Kenneth 18, 55 
Condon, Michael 87 
Condon. Wayne 101 
Connor d. Katherine 101 
Conner, Sarah 101 
Cook. Monica 93 
Cook. Portico 101 
Cooke, Dennis 79 
Coomer, Bryan 30, 101 
Cooper, Keisha 12, 79 
Cooper, Lcmce 101 
Cooper, Mike 64 
Cooper, Tamara 110 
Cooper, Zsa 2sa 87 
Copper, Michael 20, 30, 

Cosby, Robert 34 
Couch, Joseph 101 
Coulon, Burnel 112 
Coulson, Christopher 87 
Cowan, Nichole 29 
Cowin, Nicole 29, 31 
Cox, Jammie 87 
Cox, Jennifer 24, 63, 65. 93 
Crcrft. Tarrence 87 
Craig. Brian 93 
Crawford. Ray 48, 93 
Crockett, Venus 93 
Cross, Ayeselah 87 
Cross, Jerrie 87 
Cumberton, Heather 87 
Curson, Robert 79 
Curtis, Latasha 101 


Dalton, Star 87, 67, 93 

Dalton, Venus 35, 93 

Dammeyer, Andrew 31, 50. 


Dammeyer. Nathan 101 

Daniels, Sarah 79 

Darden, George 87 

Darden, Tiffany 101 

Davenport, Garland 93 

Davidson, Danielle 29, 41, 


Davis, Darrein 1,87 

Davis, Donghig 101 

Davis, Kizzy 101 

Davis, Marion 29 

Davis, Sam 110 

Davis, Tim 101 

Davis, William 31. 44, 45 


Day. Dorsey 101 
Dealy, Khyran 34, 36 
Dean, Amy 8. 31, 87 
Dean, Teresa 101 
Dearth, Andrea 26, 27, 28, 
30. 31, 34. 35. 42. 74. 79 
Deel. Christina 101 
Deering, Kathy 93 
Degraphenreed, James 87, 

Degraphenreed, Lakesha 
16, 93. 98 
Deirth, Richard 93 
Delay, Shyra 101 
Delk, Jeremiah 101 
Delky, Khyran 35 
Depew, Corey 31 
Depp, Kristina 34, 37, 87 
Depp, Wendell 101 
Devito, Leea 93 
Devore, Paulina 56, 87 
Devosl, Ashford 102 
Dewitte, Kevin 102 
Dewitte, Michael 102 
DeWitz, Mary 1 10 
Dickens. J. D. 93 
Dickens, John 49. 55 
Dickerson. Shanelle 93 
Diffee. Kandy 27. 28. 79 
Diggle. Martha 110 
Dile. Amanda 102 
Dinkens. Dale 113 
Dinsmore. Amber 102 
Divincemo, John 112 
Dixon. Lisa 102 
Dixon. Trena 102 
Do, Lam 6, 3 1,49, 87 
Doerson. Derrick 87 
Douthit. Stephen 34, 109 
Dowdell. J' Mel 102, 103 
Doyle, Trisha 22, 70. 73, 93 
Drain. Angela 6 
Drain, Ronald 30, 55 
Dressier, Warren 110 
Duke, Ricky 31,79 
Dumes, Lamont 87 
Dumes, Maurice 109 
Duncan, Nicole 6, 26, 27, 
28. 30. 31. 34, 35, 68, 79, 

Durban, William 93 
Dunn, Daniel 93 
Dunn. Jessica 99 
Dunn, Karen 34, 37. 73. 93 
Dunn, Kirk 93 
Dunn, Misty 
Dunnam. Melissa 102 
Dunnan. Leafy 63. 87 
Dwenger, Kathy 67 


Ealy, Jermaine 87 
Earl, Rita 102 
Earls, Turkessa 79 
Easier, Henry 109 
Easter, Benji 87, 93 
Easton, David 93 
Eastridge, David 87 
Edmonds, Brandy 102 
Edmonds, Damien 93 
Edmonds. Shondelle 102 
Edwards. Monica 45,51. 
70, 71,73, 93 
Edwards, Nicole 14 
Edwards, Shunery 93 
Edwards, Tarrance 87, 93 
Efferd, Tiffany 102 
Ehrenwald, Doug 102 
Eldridge, Curtis 102 
Eldridge, Veronica 12. 79 
Ellenburg, Floyd 87 
Elliot. Felicia 102 
Ellis. Albert 18. 74 
Ellis. Amanda 102 
Ellis. Charles 93 
Ellis. Michael 30. 102 
Ellis. William 102 
Ellur. V.llO 
Emerson, Brandon 102 
Emery, Willy 102 
Encarnacion, Alicia 35. 

Engle, Amanda 93 
Engle, Carrie 102 
Ervin, Curt 110 
Estien, Jorge 102 
Evans. Kawam 55, 87 
Eytchison, Kathryn 31 
Eytchison. Robert 87. 98 


Fawcett, Jamie 103 
Felter, Jennifer 103 
Fields, Albert 31 
Fields, Christopher 103 
Fields. Corey 31.87 
Finkbiner, Ron 22. 55. 110 
Fisher. Bonnie 14 
Fleming. Lewis 55. 93, 114 
Flour nay, Cortney 44 
Flournoy. Portia 66, 102 
Flowers. Byron 103. 109 
Fluker, Dwan 93 
Foley. Cynthia 34. 35, 61, 

Ford, Domaneek 103 
Fowler, Tara 87 
Franklin, Amy 103 
Franklin. Ladonna 87 
Frazier. Lisa 110 
Frazier, Troy 93 
Freeling. Chonita 66. 93 
Freeling, Nicole 93 
Freeman, Carolyn 112 
Freeman, Deondre 103 
Freeman, Sharee 103 
Friedly, Kevin 75. 82 
Friedly, Patricia 110 
Friskey, Ron 103 
Fulcher, Angela 87 
Fuller, Patrice 103 


Fagan. LaTonya 102 

Farber. Christina 34.35, 


Farley. Christina 93. 102 

Farris, Christina 102 

Faryna, Tara 51, 56. 57. 

Caddie, Gloria 103.110 
Gaines, Moses 87 
Gaines, Dwayne 103 
Gaines, Tomorrow 103 
Gamble. Michael 11 , 87 
Gam, Jemel 64J03 
Garcia. David 30. 103 
Garcia, Enrique 34 . 74. 79 
Garica. Jeremy Lee 87 
Garrard. Maisha 23, 87 
Gebrekidan, Daniel 27, 93 
Gebre-Yohanes. Helen 103 
George, Jody 14. 110 
Gerholdt, Jeremy 103 
Gibbs, Wayne 103 
Gibson, Shawna 103 
Gilbert, Derreck 87 
Gilbert, Tyrone 103 
Gilder, Lagena 35, 93 
Gillaspy, Dave 87 
Gillum, Chad 87 

Gilpin. Beth 30. 79 

Gimlich, Jennifer 70. 71, 93 

Glascock, Tracey 103 

Gleason, Catherine 34, 35, 


Goldman, Frank 87 

Gomez, Amanda 14, 79 

Gonzales, Art 6. 110 

Goodlet, April 103 

Goodlet. Kim 103 

Goodlow. Deandre 103 

Goodman. Shawnikhan 88 



Grable, Charmaine 19, 88 

Graham, Nathaniel 88 

Graham, Shemaka 88 

Graham. Tameka 103 

Grande, Stacy 103 

Grant. Mike 110 

Graves. Ron 104 

Gray. Antonio 60. 88 

Grebekain, Dan 58 

Green, Elon 104 

Gregory. Jeremy 26, 93 

Gimlich, Jirmifer 70 

Gray, Tony 60 

Griffin, Kevin 54,55.64,88 

Grimes, Eric 93 

Grimes, Markita 79 

Grooms, Maurice 110 

Gross, Christopher 88 

Gross, Deann 104 

Grubb, Richard 79 

Guerrero, Kristina 44,63. 


Guess, Amanda 104 

Guynn, Marshia 29, 31 , 73, 


Guynn, Tashia 25, 27, 31, 

44, 59. 80, 83 


Hager, Alicia 53, 56, 66. 


Hager, James 104 

Hager, Joshua 12, 88 

Hale. Marlon 88 

Hall, Brian 104 

Hall, Doug 104 

Hall. Joseph 94 

Hamby, Leanne 94 

Hornby. William 48. 49. 73. 


Hamilton, Jeffery 55. 94 
Hamilton, Joey 104 
Hamilton. Jowanna 94 
Hamiler. Jowanna 16 
Hammond. Jessica 8 
Hampton, Keoni 80 
Haney. Wade 88 
Hankins, Sarah 88 
Harding, Jason 94 
Hardman, Brandie 104 
Hardy, Shakira 88, 115 
Harley, Jamille 94 
Harpold. Dallene 63 
Harpold. Richard 55. 112 
Harrell. Timothy 88 
Harris, Damon 30, 104 
Harris. Donshey 104 
Harris. LaShonna 35. 88 
Harris. Rudy 104 
Harris. Stephanie 8 
Hart. Jason 104 
Hart, Shannon 20,31,56, 
72. 73, 80 

Harvell, Keisha 104 
Harwood. Mindy 104 
Hasse, Edward 110 
Hatton, Jeannette 14 
Hauer, James 104 
Hauger. Lisa 104 
Hause. Danielle 104 
Hawkins. Brian 56. 57 
Hawkins, Troise 104 
Hayes, Jeremy 13,88 
Hayes, Larry 94 
Helpling. Christina 35 
Helton, Leonna 30. 88 
Helton, Michelle 104 
Hembd. Shirley no 
Henderson, James 64.104 
Henderson. Latasha 88, 94 
Henderson, Marlena 104 
Henderson, Shanceretha 

Henderson. Shandale 94 
Hendricks. Shawn 88 
Henry, Sharon 104 
Hepler, Michael 30. no 
Herberto. Dan 58 
Herring. Eric 104 
HicLs. Ernest 80 
Hicks. Glenda 94 
Hicks. Melinda 104 
Hicks, Rebecca. 13, 31 . 53, 
56, SO 

Hicks, Mrginia 57 
fJiggins, Kabec 80 
Hiles. Laura 94 
Hill. Keshia 29 

Index 119 

Hill, Lorita 29.31,80 

Hill, Natalie 34, 104 

Hines, Denis 110 

Hinton, Lashonda 88. 94 

Hue, Wanda 94 

Hix, Christal 104 

Hobbs. Samuel 6. 13.26. 

27. 28. 30, 31. 35, 58. 69. 


Hobbs, Sophie 104 

Hobson. Michael 35, 94 

Hodge, Ronnie 30, 104 

Hoff, Aaron 104 

Hogan, Royce 104 

Holifield, Memorie 35, 


Holifield, Michael 94 

Hollenbaugh, Jennifer 

31, 35, 52. 53, 56, 66, 67, 


Hollenbaugh, Michael 


Hollins, Mitalia 94 

Holloway, Latoria 94 

Holloway, Lawrence 94 

Holt, Jennifer 104 

Hornak, Melissa 104 

Hornak. Thomas 88 

Hornbeak. Antonio 65. 


Horrall, Darrick 25, 55, 


Hoskins, Christina 31 

Hoskins, Corey 104 

Hoskins, Lonnie 34 

Hoskins, Melissa 88 

Howard, Clarence 94 

Hubbard, Carrie 33, 46, 


Hubbard, Julie 6, 72, 


Hubbard, Kim 88 

Hucks, Annamarie 94 

Hudson, Tonya 104 

Huffman. Otis 104 

Huggins, Lance 31, 55, 


Huggins, Robert 13, 110. 


Hughes. Demand 94 

Hull, Stephanie 94 

Humphress, Amanda 104 

Humphress, Melinda 104 

Humphrey, Issha 104 

HurU. Candice 104 

Hunter. Shannon 51. 61. 


Hurns, Michelle 80 

Hurt. Todd 31 
Hutchinson. Vicky 104 
Hutton. Dion 88, 99 

Imel. Johnny 104 
Indya, White 104 
Ingram, Mercedes 94 
Ireland, Jennifer 6, 26, 27, 
74, 80, 81 
Ireland, Ron 110 
Irish, Nate 88 
Irvin, Greg 94 
Isenberg, Jason 12, 34, 37, 

Jablonski, Rebecca 26, 27, 
35, 114 

Jackson, Jack 31, 55, 69. 94 
Jackson, Shantrea 104 
Jackson, Yamikki 94 
Jake. Tim 94 
Jameson. Marc 104 
Janes. Bobby 94 
Jaynes. Dale 88 
Jefferson. Corey 104 
Jefferson, Travis 88 
Jenkins, Angela 104 
Jenkins, Jennifer 88 
Jenkins, Sandy 8 
J ess up, Tim 113 
Jett, Scotty 94 
Jobe, Jacquelyne 88 
Johnson, Brandy 30, 31,34, 
35, 68, 53, 63, 81 
Johnson, Carl 44, 62, 104 
Johnson, D arret 1 104 
Johnson, Denetrius 94 
Johnson, Derik 94 
Johnson, Frank 30. 104 
Johnson, Jennifer 18 
Johnson, Johnie 31,35 
Johnson, Larry 55, 88 
Johnson, Lashawanda 63. 

Johnson. Michael 94. 99 
Johnson, Mike 88, 94 
Johnson, Samantha 104 

Johnson, Steve 44. 55 
Johnson, Susan 94, 104 
Johnson, Tawanna 88 
Johnson, Terry 30, 104 
Johnston, Susan 104 
Jones, Adris 104 
Jones, Anne 88 
Jones, Barbara 104 
Jones, Brandi 13, 51, 70, 94 
Jones, Gloria 110 
Jones, James 30 
Jones, Jamila 29,31, 81 
Jones, John 104 
Jones, Koattie 88 
Jones, Marios 88 
Jones, Mike 104 
Jones, Shamberlely 73, 104 
Jones, Teresa 95 

Kristen, Carola 6, 27, 35. 


Knox, Georgetta 95 


Kandakai, Miatta 95 
Karr, Robin 20, 30, 81 
Keaton, Evelyn 27, 110 
Keenan, James 55 
Keller, Laura 6, 14, 20, 26, 

Keller, Shelly 16. 110 
Keltner, Robert 95 
Kendall, Charles 110 
Kendall, Roger 83 
Kendrick, Britlani 104 
Kendrick, Isaac 104 
Kennebrew.Naila 30, 51 
Kern, Josh 104 
Keys, Harold 64,65,81 
Keys, Jeffery 88, 95 
Kidwell, Stacy 31 
Killebrew, Jason 95 
Kimball. Misty 88 
Kimball, Sarah 104 
Kimbrough, Amber 104 
Kimbrough, Roosevelt 104 
King, Damon 110 
Kirby, Curtis 104 
Kir by, Thomas 104 
Knowles, Passion 104 
Knox, Angela 104 
Koman, James 6, 110 
Koopman, Mary 60, 110 
Kord, Dale 88 
Kord, Danny 6, 88 
Kord, Darla 52, 53, 88 

Laakmann, Jennifer 88 
Lacy, Angela 104 
Lagle, Amy 104 
Lake, Brooke 88 
Lake, Donald 81 
Lake. Jennifer 35, 56. 95 
Lamar, Coynette 95 
Lamb, Scotty 104 
Lange, Monique 37,63, 72, 

Lanier, Jenel 67 
Lawrence, Marcus 104 
Lawrence, Samantha 95 
Le. Line 95 

Ledgerwood, David 95 
Ledgerwood, Douglas 95 
Lee, Anthony 104 
Lee, Ashanti 29. 104 
Lee, Jason 95 
Lee, Melissa 104 
Leffler, Joanna 19, 110 
Leflore, Dan 104 
Lego, William 110 
Lehmkuhl.Lacy 104 
Leslie, Thomas 104 
Leverenz, Melissa 24, 34, 
70, 73, 104 

Lewis, Christina 30. 81 
Lewis, Devin 104 
Lewis, Kednna 104 
Lewis, LaTangia 89 
Lewis, Shatina 95 
Lewis, Thomas 36, HI 
Lindsey, Angela 89 
Lindsey, Kris tie 95 
Linhart, Andrea 104 
Lippard, Rebecca 29, 31 
Liston, Veronica 95 
Litleral. Patrick 49, 55. 95 
Locander, Louis 55, 95 
Logan, Aisha 95 
Logan, Tonya 104 
Logsdon, David 95 
Loll, Frank 113 
Long, Rebecca 104 
Long, Thomas 55, 89 
Lorrick, James 64 
Love, Dujuan 89 
Loveless, Melissa 28, 43, 63 

Lovell. Kelly 104 
Lowe. Kelly 3, 29, 89 
Loyal, Allen 104 
Lucas, Krista 28, 43. 95 
Lucas, Kristine 95 
Luckett, Lakisha 95 
Luckett. Tekosha 95 
Lumpkin. By rant 104 
Lynch, James 8, 26, HI 
Lyons, Michael 95 


Mabry, William 104 
MacAllister, Bruce 111 
Macha, Anthony 95 
Mahler, Terry 51 
Mains, Cecil 106 
Malone, Robert 40, 112 
Malone, William 31, 48, 49, 
64, 65, 81 
Mann, Lesley 106 
Manners, Matthew 95, 97 
Manners, Mark 95 
Manson, Eric 95 
Manuel. Tier 94 
Marcum, Sean 6. 62 
Marlett. Melanie 106 
Marshall, Fred 34, 89 
Marshall, Natalie 18. 89 
Marshall. Tracy 84 
Martin, Brandi 16,94 
Martin, Curtis 106 
Martin, David 89 
Martin, Jamie 89 
Martin, Jarrett 89 
Martin, Kevin 106 
Martin, Leigh-Ann 73, 89 
Martin, Nathan 94 
Martin, Ned 31 
Martin. Shontay 73 
Martin, Tracy 44, 106 
Martinelle, Stephanie 89 
Marvin, John 106 
Mason, Lamont 81 
Masters, Angela 82 
Matlock. Shanta 106 
Malrau, Crystal 35, 53, 57, 

Matthews, Mark 89 
Matthews, Vanessa 106 
Mattingly. Beth 106 
Maxwell. Mike 17 
Mays, Bert on 106 


Mays, Michele 89 
Mays, Sylvia 89 
Maze, Jesse 89 
Mc Adams, Jenny 63, 89 
McCarley. Thomas 106 
McClain. Angela 94 
McClain, Mike 106 
McClendon. Maria 89. 94 
McClure, Brian 106 
McClure, Jamie 82, 89 
McClure, Stephanie 73. 106 
McColley. Robbie 9. 82 
McConnell, Daniel 106 
McConnell. Paula 16 
McCool, Melissa 106 
McCoy. Robert 82 
McCubbins. La'Tasha 106 
McDonald. Grant 13. 14. 

McDonald, Lisa 113 
McDonald. Whinley 13. 26 
McFarland. Carrie 82 
McFarland. James 30. 106 
McGinley. Charles 111 
McGraw. Ronald 55. 94 
McKee, Thad 13, 106 
McKinney, Amanda 106 
McKinney, Cherish 32. 89 
McKinney. Mary 31.82 
McMiller. Alisha 106 
McMillian, Katheryn 35, 

McNally, Jennifer 110 
McNeil, Bradley 106 
McNeish. Penny 12.111 
Meadows, Brandi 96 
Meek. Rebekah 19, 26, 27, 

Merrifield, Patricia 98 
Meyer. Shaunda 22. 96. 106 
Michal, Leon 106 
Milam, Lailee 26. 27.106 
Milburn. Linda 113 
Miles, Joni 106 
Miller, Ebony 96 
Miller. Steve 106 
Minck. Nicole 106 
Mitchell. Derrick 24,54, 

Mitchell, Kurt 96 
Mitchell, Shannon 31,89 
Moenius. Dave 49 

Moncrief. Dejuan 106 
Monday. BJ. 106 
Monroe. Christopher 89 
Monroe. Mike 96 
Moody, Amber 89 
Moore, Andrianna 73 
Moore, Anthony 106 
Moore, Antonio 115 
Moore, Bill 58 
Moore, Darren 106 
Moore. David 89, 100 
Moore, David 106 
Moore, Tomock 106 
Morelock, Crystal 31, 56. 
57. 60. 66. 67. 82 
Morey, Joshua 31 
Morphew. David 89 
Morris. Justin 27, 28, 34, 
35,37, 59, 60. 74. 82 
Morton, Adriana 96 
Moss. Bruce 15. 112. 113 
Mullinex. Robert 11.96 
Mullins. Barbra 106 
Mumford. Christina 44. 96 
Mumfor. Leslie 44 
Mundy, Christopher 89 
Mundy, Mike 24, 31, 44, 55. 
59. 64. 65, 83. 113 
Murphy. Tracy 89 
Murrell. Edward 111 
Murry. Jason 106 
Muse. Amanda 22, 96, 106 
Muse, Amber 106 
Muse. Peggy 106 
Mustain. Ralph 106 

Niemann, Jeremy 89 
Norfleet, Johnny 112 



Napier, James 17 
Napper, Robert 106 
Nay, Paul Anthony 14, 44, 

Nay. Viola 83 
Neighbors, Misty 57, 96 
Nelson, Arnold 15. Ill 
Nelson, David 25, 26, 28. 
Newhausel, Jason 106 
Newkirk. Donna 106 
Newkirk. Saundra 89 
Nichols. Anthony 96 
Nichols. Dorue 49 
Nichols. William 29, 30, 37. 
Niemann, Carla 96 

O' Conner. Larry 30. 96, 


Oatts, Tamaris 16, 96 

Ockomon.Jan 113 

Oder. Jonathan 106 

Ogier. Rebecca 96 

Oliver. Dewayne 89 

Oliver. Sherry 89 

Ollanketo. John 29. 30. 37. 


Ollanketo. Michael 29. 30. 

Olson. Elisha 89 

Overshiner, Jennifer 106 

Owens. Michelle 89 

Owens, Paula 96 

Owens, Titus 34.106 

Owens. Vanessa 96 

Pace, Chris 64,106 
Pace, Melissa 89 
Paff, Crystal 106 
Page, Charles 55, 112 
Page, Jennifer 82, 83 
Page. Patrick 6. 17.55.69 
Palmer. Ronald 24. 28. 31. 

Palmore, Tanika 89 
Parker. Karen 52. 53 
Parker, Jessica 14 
Parker, John 106 
Parks, Amanda 96 
Parks, Barbara 25, 35, 46. 
72. 73. 89 

Parksey, Donna 100 
Parran, Kenneth 90, 96 
Parrish, Jennifer 90 
Partlow, Karl 96 
Pasch, John 90 
Past rick, Jarrod 96 
Patick, Rayna 106 
Patrick, Barry 111 
Patterson. James 30. 44, 

Patterson, William 106 
Patton, Angela 90. 96 
Pattan, Shawn 20, 35, 37 

Peavler, Rachel 100 
Penman, Calvin 90 
Perch. John 49 
Perdue. Jermifer 30, 62, 
68, 82. 83 

Perez-Gavilan, Teresa 27. 

Perry. Amanda 106 
Perry, James 29. 30 
Perry. Jimmy 29 
Perry. Yvonne 30. Ill 
Peters. Doug 106 
Peters. Jacob 34.37.90 
Petty. Gerald 96 
Petty. Kathryn 90 
Petty. Sandra 15, 111 
Phillips. Gladys 34.44 
Phillips. Steve 64.106 
Phipps, David 58, 106 
Phipps, William 90 
Pier sail, Jennifer 31, 53, 

Pimpton, Cory 96 
Piper, Jackilla 96 
Pittman, Kyandra 35, 96 
Pitts. Jennifer 106 
Planalp. Sarah 9. 35. 90 
Plew. Misty 16.44. 90 
Poindexter. Angela 90 
Polk. Princess 96 
Pollard, Amirisa 90 
Pollard, Heather 96 
Porter, Keonna 97 
Posey, Kevin 106 
Poskey, Erin 106 
Post on. Billy 106 
Poteet. Michael 106 
Potter. Jarred 34. 106 
Potts. Thomas 90 
Powell. Darron 22. 90. 

Power. Audrea 66.106 
Power. Gabriel 17. 90 
Poynter. Daniel 14. 49, 55, 

Poynter, Jessica 6, 22, 51, 
70.71, 72,73.97 
Poynter, Karie 9, 22, 28, 
Pratt, Mike 90 
Praul, Crystal 24. 70,71, 

Praul. Melissa 90 
Freer, Latoya 63, 90 
Preston, Harry 55 
Price, Chad 26, 27, 28, 29, 
58, 82, 83. 97 
Price, Jason 44,97 
Pr ingle, Kevin 106 
Pryor, Cecil 34,97 

Prysock, Niesha 97 
Putnam, Lisa 90 


Quarles, Deanrui 97, 1 14 

Quarles, Jimmie 31, 44, 60. 


Quarles. Tracey 84 

Quiett. Lisa 97 

Quinn. Rufus 97 

Quinnets. Ricky 100 


Rafferty. Trisha 82, 84 

Raines, Michael 36, 97 

Rains, Jeremy 97 

Rains, Steve 106 

Rangel, Raymon 97 

Ratner, Nancy 111 

Ray Jr. Johnny 47,62, 65, 


Ray, Jeremy 106 

Raymer, Branden 

Reece, Shelly 111 

Reed, Antwan 97 

Reed, Chris 90 

Reed, Harry 49 

Reed, Mike 16 

Reed. Robert 64,106 

Reeder, Stacy 97 

Reedus, Jamaal 31, 35, 44, 


Reeves, Kathleen 26, 44, 97 

Relford, Natalie 106 

Relford, Shana 84 

Renie, Thomas 111 

Reyna, David 64,106 

Reynolds, Lillian 111 

Rhinehart, Judith 106 

Rhinehart, Robert 106 

Richard, Mary arm 26, 44, 


Ricketts, Thomas 106 

Riedman, Rachel 106 

Riley, Carrie 106 

Rios, Christopher 30, 100 

Rippy, Michael 106 

Riskka, Corie 44 

Roar, Toni 106 

Roark. Carlissa 29, 30, 41, 

Index, i: I 


Roberts, Charissa 97 
Roberts, January 90 
Robertson, Tiffany 97 
Robertson, Steve 90 
Robertson, Sashah 90 
Robinson, April 97 
Robinson, Katrina 90 
Robinson, Le'neice 73, 97 
Robinson, Marlisa 108 
Robinson, Mark 90 
Robinson, Steve 90 
Robinson, Tanisha 90, 97 
Rogers, Jeremiah 106 
Rojas, Heriberto 106 
Rojas, Roberto 27 
Roof Josh 26, 27, 28, 30, 
31, 35. 58, 75, 82, 83, 84 
Rodney, Farrah 19,31,63, 

Roney, Kory 90 
Ross, Christina 106 
Rothwell, Kelly 9, 34. 90 
Royal, Randy 106 
Rucker, Travis 90 
Rape, Shawna 28 
Rush, Paula 106 
Russo, Lindsay 28, 31, 43, 
53. 81. 84 

Rutherford, Angie 90 
RyboU Jr. Richard 17.97 

St. Lawrence. Cheryl 24.,81.90 
Sams. Penny 106 
Sams. Wayne 62. 97 
Saulsbery, Rene 35, 63, 90 
Schmidt, Kristina 106 
Schroeder, Cristina 35, 97 
Scott, Jennifer 24, 70. 

Scott, Kelly 6, 84 
Scott, King 111 
Scott, Sf-iauna 97 
Searcey, Derame 90 
Searcey, Keon 97 
Seeman, Lenny 26, 90 
Sexton, Michelle 90 
Sexton, Stephanie 111 
Sharpe, Kenny 106 
Shaw, Frankie 84 
Sheets, Robert 31,49, 55. 

Shelton. Devin 90 
Shelton.Greg 112 
Sheppard, Christina 73. 97. 

Sheppard. Latisha 73 
Shrepshire, Fredrick 97 
Shropshire. Fredrick 107 
Simmons. Anthony 97 
Simmons, James 34, 64 
Simpson, James 1 7, 97 
Sims, Doug 3 1,58, 84 
Sims, Kathy58, 106 
Singh, Jutinder HI 
Sizemore. Angel 106 
Skene, John 112 
Skolburg, Robert 98 
Skoskie, Melissa 108 
Smartz. David 15. 112, 113 
Smith, Craig 18 
Smith, Darwin 6, 90 
Smith, Eddriguez 30. 

Smith, Heather 90. 108 
Smith. James 28. 34. 73,108 
Smith. Renee 73, 77, 84 
Smith, Rodney 108 
Smith, Sean 108 
Smith, Shawntae 90 
Smith, Shirley 111 
Smith, Sunny 62, 108 
Smith, Tiona 98 
Snow, Philecia 90 
Spalding, Robert 111 
Spall, Richard 98 
Spare, Richard 49 
Sparks. Connie 108 
Sparks. Justin 60. 108 
Spears. Aimee 98 
Spears. Errol 60. Ill 
Speed. Jermaine 98 
Spells. Monica 29. 98 
Spivey. Kenneth 108 
Spratt. Brandon 26. 27, 28, 
29. 82. 83 


Springer, Aaron 16, 26, 28, 

Spurgeon, Tanya 19, 28, 43, 

Spurier, David 108 
Spurrier, Chad 85 
Stacy, Mike 108 
Stafford, Deanna 98 
Sfajford, Ronnie 90 
Stanback, Gregory 90 
Staneberry, Bartholomew 
Stanley, Dan 14 

Staples, Crystal 35,98 
Staples, Linda 3 1.44. 85 
Starks. Tennille 90 
Storks. Watecsia 85 
Starks. William 108 
Starr. Kevin 34. 35, 73, 49, 

Steele, Cindy 91 
Steffey, Mandy 8 
Steigerwald, Charles 108 
Stephens, Shirely 111 
Sterling, Samantha 108 
Stevenson TV, Mitchell 111 
Stewart, Darnell 91 
Stewart, David 112 
Stewart, Ella 98 
Stewart, Jeremy 30, 85 
Stiles, Tiffany 108 
Stode, Holly 16 
Stojoevich, Mike 23, 91 
Stone, Michael 16, 98, 98 
Stone, Thomas 34,37 
Slotts, Nicole 98 
Strickland. Letter is 108 
Stringer, Demetria 31 
Strode. Holly 19. 98 
Stovall. Katrina 66 
Sullivan. Heather 19. 26. 
31. 68. 85 

Sullivan, Jennifer 26 
Sullivan, Kevin 31, 55 
Surber, Daisy 35, 85 
Sutt, Mike 108 
Sutton, Angela 98 
Sutton, Donna 111 
Swan, Erin 44. 98 

Taflinger, Steve 111 
Talley, Cavin 98 
Tandy, Darrin 98 
Taylor. Jerry 69 
Taylor, Keith 18, 91 
Taylor, Keorma 34. 72 
Taylor, Kyana 72, 73, 91 
Taylor, Steve 108 
Taylor, Titus 35, 91 
Terry, Darron 1 15 
Terry, Sarah 91 
Terry. Sonya 98 
Thalisan. Herberto 58 
Thomas, Precious 108 
Thomas, Rakeytra 108 

Thomas, William 34 
Thompson, Lawande 91 
Tiernan, Michael 8. 50 
Tinsley. David 108 
Tolin. Heather 52. 53 
Toliver. Antonio 108 
Tompkins. Jeremiah 98 
Torrence, Alfonzo 64, 65, 

Torrence. Malinda 73. 108 
Torrence. Rence 108 
Townsley. Tonya 108 
Tran. Phung 91 
Trimble. Dustin 108 
Tripp, Tiffany 70, 108 
Trotter, Melissa 72, 73, 91 
Troutman, Rhonda 31, 56, 

Troxail, Anthony 98 
Troxail, Melissa 91 
Truan, Mike 9 
Tucher, Jason 31,91 
Tull, Elizabeth 6, 7, 26, 27, 
81, 82, 83, 85 
Turner, Cattie 98 
Turner, Damon 98 
Turner, Daniel 98 
Turner. Diedre 30 
Turner. Jennifer 91 
Turner. Loretta 98 
Turner. Lydia 109 
Turner. Damon 47, 55 
Turner, Shannon 85 
Turner, Terry 109 
Turnley, Cortia 98 
Twitty, David 44 
Tyler. Desirei 109 


Uptegrove. Patrick 89. 91 
Urban. Jeremy 109 
Urich. Jennifer 31.41.51. 


Veal. Nikila 98 
Vespo.Joe 14.27. Ill 
Vliy, April 109 
Vo, Jimmy IS, 8 


Valentine, Frances 111 
Valentino, Robert 98 

Wade, Tyla 109 
Waites, Jurvan 109 
Walda, Jennifer 91 
Walker, Akamii 109 
Walker, Herman 91 
Walker, Jacqueline 44, 45, 
70. 71. 73. 98 
Walker, Jason 109 
Walker, Madora 24, 110 
Walkie, Jackie 70 
Wallace. Chris 109 
Wallace. Kelly 30 
Wallace. Kyle 30. 48. 49. 

Wallace. Mandy 24 
Wallace. Vidal 16. 62 
Walls. Tarruka 109 
WaUer. Charles 18. Ill 
WaUon. Troy 98 
Walton. Wilbur 91 
Ward, Christine 91 
Ware. Sarah 109 
Warr. Monique 98 
Warren. Victor 98 
Washington, Herman 8 
Watford. Josephine 111 
Watkins. Shawn 73 
Watson. Kimberly 31, 85 
Watson. Roxy 14 .113 
Weaver. Chantise 109 
Weaver. Jeffery 85 
Weaver. Jennifer 31 
Webb. Kenneth 109 
Webb. Michael 64 
Webb. Mikey 109 
Webster. Marlys 109 
Weidner. Cassandra 31. 35. 
47, 62, 68, 85 
Weidner, Gloria 68 
Weinke, Amy 91 
Welch, Destinny 99 
Wellington, Domicia 109 
Wells, Kenneth 109 
Wells, Rodney 91 
Wesner.Bobbi 51,91 


Whatley, Lakesha 91 
White. Brandy 91 
Whae, Coach 64 
White, Janelle 29. 40. 44. 
72. 73 . 91 
WhUe. Keith 59. Ill 
WhUe, Lindsay 35. 109 
White, Schunita 91 
Whitfield. Norman 109 
Whitehead. Crystal 52. 53 
Whittemore. Lynn 111 
Wharton, Sony a 109 
Wiggins, John 111 
Wiggins, Sonya 22. 109 
Wiggins, Tonya 109 
Wiggs. Judith 109 
Wiker, Becky 13, 35, 36, 

Wildermood, Lance 40, 41 
Williams Reggie 109 
Williams, Brian 31, 64. 65. 
85, 113 

Williams, Fred 35 
Williams, Heather 109 
Williams, Kerie 109 
Williams. Padro 99 
Williams. Robert 109 
Williams. Sabrina 109 
Williams. Tennille 98 
Williams, Tonya 98 
Willis. Crystal 109 
Willis. Fred 91 
Wilson. Adrienne 91 
Wilson. Antwan 109 
Wibon. Audie 109 
Wilson. Chris 20, 48 
Wilson, Jamaal 109 
Wilson. Jeremy 58. 109 
Wilson. Maria 109 
Wilson. Mario 109 
Wilson, Mike 34. 62 .109 
Wilson, Steve 109 
Wilson. Trisha 26. 27. 31. 
32. 59. 60, 61, 85 
Winchester, Joe 91 
Wiseman, Sandra 111 
Wix, David 91 
Wolinsky, Debbie 111 
Wooden, Lorirell 98 
Woodfork. Basil 111 
Woods, Betty 20. 113 
Woods. Janet 28 
Woods. Joseph 91 
Woods. Natalie 73. 91 
Woodson, Michelle 91 
Wright, Tamika 31 
Wright. Tiffany 73. 91 
Wurster, Heidi 28. 31. 42, 

Wynn. Kevin 91 

Yanasak.Rose 29.32.34. 

Yarber, James 20, 111 

Y eager, Joshua 16, 98 

Yielding, Kristian 23 

York, Lareina 29, 73, 91 

York. Misty 30. 85 

Young, Amanda 6,31,34, 


Young. Eric 50 

Young. Keith 29. 31. 49, 55, 


Young, Shenae 109 

Young, Wanique 98 

Yowell, Rodney 16, 109 

Zoeller. Aimee 9. 51. 59. 68. 


Zurawski, Philip 111 

I f 



Vicl<i Beck 

Heidi Wurster 

Freshman Section Editors: 

Dianna Bennett 

Darla Kord 

Sophomore Section Editors: 

Julie Bridges 

Aimee Zoelier 

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Intersession Editor: 

Mickelle Goss 

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Title Page Drawing: 
Mr. Greg Shelton 

The Hilltopper Staff wishes to thanks the many members of the 
faculty, staff, and student body who helped and cooperated with 
the production of the yearbook. A special thanks goes to parents 
for their help, to Herff Jones and our representative Chris Frick, 
and to Prestige. 

1 24/Credits 

Howe Commemorative 

Remember when . . 

The 1938 Building 

Comineinorative 125 

Some Firsts at Howe 

Right: Highlights of the First 
Year of the School's History 

Dr. Howe's portrait presented 

A portrait of Dr. Thomas Carr Howe 
will be presented to the school by his 
son, Mr. Addison Howe. Principal C. M. 
Sharp will accept the gift. Dr. Daniel 
S. Robinson, president of Butler Uni- 
^■ersity, will give a few words of tribute 
'0 Dr. Howe. 

Mr. Harvey B. Hartsock. member of 
Uie Board of School Commissioners, 
''■ill present diplomas. Mr. Sharp will 
present the James Whitcomb Riley 
Medal and read the college scholarship 



Above: In the May 29. 1941, issue of the 
Tower, it was reported that a portrait of 
Dr. Thomas Carr Howe was presented to 
the school. 

Seniors plan final activities 
for graduation 

student speakers will stress the 
theme, "Living Creatively," at the first 
Commencement, which will be held at 
8:00 p. m., Thursday in the school audi- 
torium. Marilyn Eehymer will speak 
on the theme as applied to the Individ- 
ual. Miriam Jasper will apply it to the 
Commurtity. Joseph Cottom to the' 
School, and Tom Reese to the Class of 

Above: Final activities are made for the 
first Commencement at Howe in 1941. 

Then and 


6 — Four hundred and fifty students en- 
rolled in the new Thomas Carr 
Howe High School. 

1-4 — Student Council organized. 

16 — Sixty-eight boys answered call for 
tracii team. 

18 — School colors, brown and gold, 
chosen in Student Council meeting. 

29 — Dedication ceremonies. 

First public performance of band at 


Formal open house for Indianapolis 

Public School Teachers. 

30 — Open House to Public (approxi- 
mately 8.000 guests attended). 


7 — First pep session and all-school as- 
sembly — held on main entrance 
First track meet, at Washington. 

11 — Twenty sophomore boys reported 
for basketball. 

17 — First report cards issued. 

Flag ceremony inaugurated by Boy 
Scouts of Troop 131. in charge of Mr. 
Roy Horton custodian. 

13— First athletic event held on the 
Howe campus — Cross-country team 
lost to Warren Central. 27-30. 

lO^Boys' Auditorium. Mr. Richard 
Sperry. airplane designer for Mar- 
tin Airplane Compan}' of Balti- 
more. Md.. spoke on "Opportunities 
in Aviation Open to Boys." 

20 — Girls' Auditorium. Miss Margaret 
Forcht spoke to girls on "Different 
Types of Commercial Vocations." 


1 — Mr, J. S. Milligan gave lecture and 
demonstration to General Science I 
class on heating and \'entilation. 
2 — Forty-five boys reported for fresh- 
man basketball. 
3 — Education Week observed by entire 
Student Council granted charters to 
Photography Club and Science 
7— Monthly Inspection in classrooms 
and home rooms inaugurated. 

10 — Student Council granted charters to 
Latin Club. Scout Meriting Badge 
Club, and Publicity Club 
"Howe Hornets" chosen by Student 
Council as name for athletic teams. 
Science Club visited State Board of 

13 — Three Howe students. Alan Crapo, 
Robert McMullen. Leslie Little. 
played trumpets for Christian Men 
Builders' Class. 

15 — First basketball game. Double- 
header with Southport. played by 
Freshman "A" team and Freshman 
"B" team. 

16— City Science Teachers Club held 
dinner meeting in Howe cafeteria. 

17 — Student Council granted charters to 
Drama Club and Spanish Club. 

IS — First school dance. Thanksgiving 
Sport Hop. Student committee 
members: Harriet McEliienny. 
Betty Anne Bourne, Shirley Lows, 
Margaret Richardson, and Lillian 

22 — P,-T. A. organized. 

29 — Howe runners given first athletic 
awards at assembly and christened 
"Howe Hornets" The emblems, pre- 
sented by Mr. Sharp, were brown 
felt shields bearing the word 

"Howe" and a gold hornet super- 
imposed upon the shield. 


5, 9— Book Week celebrated by all 
English classes. 

10 — "B " basketball squad played its first 
game at Whiteland. 

14 — Flag presented to Howe by Junior 
Auxiliary of American Legion Post 
No. 38 at assembly by representa- 
tives, Betty Harvey and Laura Mae 

16 — "B" and freshman basketball teams 
played at Warren Central. 
Faculty Tea and Home Economics 

ID— Miss Pollitt and Miss Guild enter- 
tained Tech English faculty and 
Howe faculty at a Christmas tea in 
the library. 

20 — First athletic event won by Howe — 
Hornet reserves defeated Southport 
Cardinals. Score, 30-15. 

20. 21 — Christmas assembly given by the 
Music Department under direction 
of Mr. Beldon C. Leonard. Jo Ellen 
Burroughs sang, A violin trio com- 
posed of Beth Henderson, Muriel 
Garrett, and Clyde Holder played 
carols, George Stanley read the 
Christmas story. The Sixth Hour 
Chorus class sang. 

21 — Christmas sport hop climaxed pre- 
Christmas activities. 

21-Januory 2 — Christmas Vacation. 


2 — Back to school after Christmas va- 
8 — Pep session held for city tourney. 
Sc\-eral new yells learned. 

10 — P.-T. A. card party and style show 
at Block's. Models: Mary Alys 
Werkhoff. Betty Myer. Suzanne 
Conner. Lillian Lucas. Ruth DaVee. 
Mary Mikels. Jean Huston. Jean 
Lowe, Joan Oaks. Shirley Shreffler, 
William Dearmin, Robert Winter, 
William Bortsfield. 

12 — Miss Lois Gerdts. stylist at L. S. 
Ayres & Co.. spoke to home eco- 
nomics girls on "Clothing and Per- 
sonality." Clothes modeled by Suz- 
anne Conner. Joan Burscss. Betty 
Noflke. and Mary Alys Werkhoff. 

19 — Howe entertained its first visiting 
basketball team. Freshman b^sl^et- 
ball game with Shortridge at Ir\"- 
ington Presbyterian church. 

20 — First semester ended. 

24 — Second semester began; 103 new 
students enrolled. Five new teach- 
ers added to faculty: Miss Ruth 
Marie Price, Miss Thelma Cooley. 
Miss Allen (full time), Mr. Fre'd 
Lemley. Mr. Lewis Gilfoy. 
Freshman played basketball game 
with Washington. 

Faculty honored new teachers at a 
tea in home economics dining room. 

26 — Howe freshmen won game at Broad 
Ripple. Score. 44-18, 


3 — "B ' team defeated Washington Re- 
serves. 14-8. 

6 — First all-girls' party, sponsored by 
Mrs. Loew. Girls entertained fresh- 
man girls. Committee chairmen 
were: Phyllis Jerome. Audrey Mil- 
ler. Mary Elizabeth Donnell. Carta 
Russell. Jo Ellen Burroughs. Suz- 
anne Weesner, Billie Rech. Shirley 
Lowe, Mary Elizabeth Schafer, 

Marilyn Behymer, Geraldine Gates, 
and Dorothy Troutman, 
6— Girls of home economics depart- 
ment served luncheon in home eco- 
nomics dining room to high school 
7— "B" basketball team defeated Tech 
reserves, 19-11, 

10 — Valentine Dance — third all-school 
dance. Entertainment furnished by 
Jo Ellen Burroughs, Jean Eich- 
acker, Ruth Anne Rochford. Mary 
Elizabeth Schafer, Margaret Ehlers, 
and Willamarie Schlenz, 

13— Dr. D. C. Demerline. of the Bur- 
roughs Adding Machine Company, 
gave demonstration of office ma- 
chines to business training class. 

14 — Freshman basketball team played 

Six Howe girls were guests of Girls' 
Athletic Club at Washington for 
recreational games — Mary Eliza- 
beth Schafer, Shirley Lowe, Betty 
Jean Hoff, Ethelda Keiter, Melville 
Weesner, Jo Ann Harmon. 
Members of Junior Business Train- 
ing classes visited Indiana Bell 
Telephone Company. 

21 — Freshman basketball team defeated 
Broad Ripple, 15-10. 
P.-T. A. dinner and open house. 

24 — Robert Adams, president of Indi- 
anapolis Literary Club, formally 
presented to the school three etch- 
ings and three oil paintings, gifts of 
the club. 

24 — Mrs. P. E. Lamson. Americanization 
officer of American Legion Auxil- 
iary of Irvington Post No. 38. pre- 
sented to the school a silk American 
flag gift of the organization. 
"B" team played Park School. 

27 — Seventy -seven boys answered 
spring track call. 



3 — Journalism Club chartered by 

Student Council. 
4 — Marilyn Behymer, Chester Gray, 
Lillian Lucas represented Howe at 
an all-high school style show at 
6 — Report cards issued. 
8 — First public performance of Boys' 
Quartet: John Thomas. Alan Crapo. 
Robert Prater. Ralph Rasico. Sang 
for Mothers' Club, School 62. 

13 — Safety inspection in classes and 
home rooms. 

16 — Athletic Awards Assembly — Re- 
serve and freshman basketball 
squads received first basketball 
awards in history of school. 

17 — Corrigan Hop — Saint Patrick's Day 
dance sponsored by the athletic de- 

20 — too Club organized. 

20-24— Book Week — P.-T. A. Book 

P.-T. A. meeting. 

Home Room 127B, Mr. Lewis Gilfoy, 
sponsor, won home room contest 
for book contributions to library. 
Mr. Don D. Burchard, assistant pro- 
fessor of Journalism at Butler, 
spoke to Journalism Club on sub- 
ject of "How to Write a Feature 

"THE HOWE TOWER" chosen for 
name of school paper as result of an 
all-school naming contest. 

27-31 — Girls of food classes placed blue 
stars on trays containing well-bal- 
anced lunches. 

31 — Twenty-eight Howe boys composed 

Opposite Page: The first edition of the 
Howe Tower was passed out on May 22, 



126/Some Firsts 


Aspiration — Activity — Achievement 






Building, Athletic Field 
To Be Started Soon 

Plans are now being made for an ad- 
dition which will be erected at the end 
of the south wing and connected with 
the present building. It is expected that 
work on this building will be begun 
during summer vacation and finished 
by January, 1940. 

Many Facilities To Be Provided 

A cafeteria, located on the west side 
of the ground floor, will seat from four 
to fi\'e hundred students. 

Dressing rooms and showers for the 
gymnasium classes are to be located on 
the east side of the ground floor. On this 
floor will also be kitchens, storerooms, 
refrigerators, cafeteria manager's of- 
fice, employees' dining room, and teach- 
ers' dining room. 

Gymnasium To Be in Addition 

First floor plans include a large gym 
floor, divided into two rooms by folding 
doors. This will make it possible to have 
boys' and girls' gym classes at the same 
time. When the doors are folded back, 
the floor becomes a regulation size for 
basketball. Against the east and west 
walls will be folding bleachers. A me- 
dium-sized stage and dressing rooms at 
the south end will be used for assem- 
blies. The girls will have their classes, 
examination room, and gym office on 
the south side of the gym, and the boys, 
on the north side. 

A large room for the band and or- 
chestra and a room for the storage of 
instruments will be located above the 
foyer. Lighting from the outside will 
come through prism glass. 

Athletic Field in Front 

The athletic field is to be in front of 
the building. It is to consist of a quarter- 
mile cinder running track and also a 
220-yard straightaway for short races 
and hurdles. In the center of the quar- 
ter-mile track will be a sodded playing 
field, large enough for football, field 
hockey, or softball. Plans are also being 
made for tennis courts east of the pres- 
ent gravel path. 

Birthday Celebration 

Will Be Achievement Pageant 

First Violet Queen 

Margaret Gordon will reign as first 
'Violet Queen at the Pageant of Achieve- 
ment on Friday. Her attendants will be 
Marilyn Behymer, Ella Nora Tomlinson, 
Eileen Edwards, and Jo Ann Harmon. 

■Violet Queen was chosen as the title 
because the site upon which the school 
is built has long been known as 'Violet 


Mrs. Thomas Carr Howe, widow of 
the educator for whom this school was 
named, sent this greeting to the first 
issue of the school paper: 

"A very pleasant day spent at your 
school recently surprised me with the 
rapid growth which has taken place 
since the lifting of the first shovelful of 
earth two years ago. Now you have a 
well-equipped building, a principal sec- 
ond to none, an office force, a staff of 
teachers, and a librarian — all as fine as 
any in the city. The spirit you ha\-e 
(Continued on Page 15) 

Ground-Breaking of School 
Was Year Ago Today 

The campus of Thomas Carr Howe 
High School, previously known as "Vio- 
let Hill," will be a colorful scene on 
Friday afternoon, May 26, for the school 
will celebrate the second birthday of its 
ground-breaking with a "Pageant of 
Achievement" to be presented on the 
main entrance steps. The pageant will 
be followed by an all-school May Fes- 
tival dance in the gymnasium. 

Girls of the physical education classes, 
representing violets, will dance on 
"'Violet Hill" in anticipation of the ar- 
ri\'al of their "Violet Queen. As the 
trumpet sounds from the tower, the phi- 
losopher, the Spirit of the Tower, will 
come to greet the Queeji'&ndTTelF Court 
and welcome her to i the Palace,' of ■ 
Youthful Achievement." 

1 1 the Palace; of 

Queen Will Receive Year's Recbrd^S 

The Queen will be impersoriafecf^b^"" 
Margaret Gordon. Her attendants will 
be Marilyn Behymer, Ella Nora Tom- 
linson, Jo Ann Harmon and Eileen Ed- 
wards. Robert "Winter will represent the 
philosopher. He will explain to the 
Queen the change that has taken place 
on ""Violet Hill" since her last \'isit of 
a }'car ago and will present to her the 
Parade of Achie\'ement composed of 
representatives from each department 
and activity. They will give to the 
Queen scrolls containing records of 
their accomplishments during the first 
3'ear of the new school. One achieve- 
ment of the physical education depart- 
ment, a polyrhythmic drill, will be re- 
enacted in honor of the Queen. The 
Queen will recei\e a crown of \'iolots 
and with it a new title. "The Spirit of 
Youthful Achie\'en"ient." 

A boy and girl citizen, impersonated 
by Charles Scheffe and Mary LaShorne, 
will receive the Queen's charge of trust, 
to sponsor the student body m emulat- 
ing the citizenship qualities of Thomas 
Carr Howe during the ensuing year. 
The choir, under the direction of Mr. 
(Continued on Page l.^i 

Left: Madora Walker — Principal from 1992-1995 — Howe's last principal. 

Left: Frank Tout — Principal from 1972-1992. 

Far Left: Charles F. Ruschhaupt became Vice- 
Principal after Mr. Charles McKay Sharp re- 
tired and Thomas Stirling became principal in 

Left: Bruce Beck — Vice-Principal, then Prin- 
cipal (Acting Principal for Mr. Frank Tout) 
from 1989-1990. 













Jelow Left: Nancy Reagan visited Howe for an anti-drug pro- 
jam on February 4. 1988. 

Noted Personalities 

A Howeite looks back on the tower clock as his day of classes is 
over; a graduate glances over his shoulder at the clock as the com- 
mencement processional begins; and this year Mr. Charles M. Sharp 
will walk from the doors below the clock for the last time as principal 
of Howe High School. That clock was started at a signal from Mr. 
Sharp 21 years ago, symbolizing the beginning of a school. For over 
two decades, its hands have moved along with the passing years, 
marking periods of learning, expanding, and achieving in the lives 
of Howe students. It has become an integral part of the growing 
school as classes have enrolled and graduated. Although the clock 
records the passing of time, the HILLTOPPER for 1959 has stopped 
time to record in its pages 

Below Right; Samuel Kelley was Howe's first football 
coach and Athletic Director (1939-1974) and the person 
for whom the football stadium was named. 



ight: This 1995 information was 

ublished in a newsletter at 


ar Right: This view of the build- 

ig was the 1970's additions' 

iew from the east side of the 








Located Just south of Pleasant Run 
Parkway in historic Irvinglon. 
Totai enrollment 1.448 
Long tradlUon of academic excel- 
lence and Innovative programming. 
Community Hospitals of 
Indianapolis. Partnen In Education 
Home to the "Intcrsesslon." 14-day 
courses held aAcr winter break Ihat 
range from scuba diving to gourmet 

Juniors and Seniors benefited from 
Internships at area businesses In 
addltJon to classes. 
Focused on indMduaJIy guided edu- 

A School Based Decision Making 
(SBDMl sue 

A Rc-Leamlng School In the 
CoaJiUon of Essentia] Schools. 
Principal Madora WaJker 

In the beginning . . . 

4 i I r 

Above: Construction of the stadium was planned 
in tine 1940"s. The stadium was completed Fri- 
day, September 13, 1965. 

Above is the drawing of the 1954 ad- 
dition to the building. Below is what was 
written about it in the Hilitopper at that 

"Here it is! A big sneak preview of our 
new addition. Someday (September, 1954, 
we hope) classes in English, Math, Music 
and Art will be moved to new quarters. 
Classes were often disturbed this spring by 
the sounds of a riveting machine or a busy 
bulldozer, but teachers tried to ignore 
them as visions of new classrooms danced 
through their heads. 

There's a new addition to the new ad- 
dition too. Howe's new ROTC unit, com- 
plete with rifle range, will occupy the sub- 
basement. Fellows are really looking for- 
ward to this, and some underclassmen are 
eager to revise their schedules to include 
the new program." 

Middle Right: In 1973, teachers had to beat the construc- 
tion workers to school to get a parking space. 
Right: New wing in 1954 was being built. 



T^'P Lett. The North r. 

f'-- 'obby, and Med,a Center were he,n.h, 

oeing built in 1973 

Constructioa n I 

Capt. David Jones Serves In Quan Loii 


Thomas Carr Howe Graduate Wins 26th 


Capt David J. Jones is serv- 
ing in Quan Loi, Vietnam, 
where h^^was promoted to bis 
' present rank on Oct 5. 

He is commanding officer of 
Headquarters Company, 1st 
Battalion, 28th Infantry. 

Capt Jones has been in 
Vietnam since August He 
served 20 montlis with the 2d 
Logistical Command on Oki- 

He was graduated in 1964 
from Thwnas Carr Howe High 
School and attended Butler 
University before he entered 
the Army in October, 1965. 

Capt. Jones' wife, Sandra, 
and parents, Mr. and Mrs. 
Hubert L. Jones, live in Indi- 

William liggs 

.Army SP5 Rainer V. Bauer, 

?10-year-old son of dVJr. ' and 
.^Mrs.' Robert R. Bauer, 5348 
^itxington Avenue, a crew 
^eilef in Company A of the 4th 
iWantry Division's 4th Avia- 
Ition Battalion near Pleiku, 
ISetnam, received the 26th 
Inprd of the Ar Medal March 
»fc near Pleiku. 

^ple received the award for 
(Mnbat aerial support of 
.pound operations in Vietnam. 

Specialist Bauer volunteered 
for service the day following 
his graduation from Thomas 
Carr Howe High School in 

Air Medal 

Many Howe students died in Vietnam. 

Ex-Howe Pupil Is Hero In Vietnam Ba_ 




' • The death of a'' 20-year-old 
Indianapolis • soldie^. In the 
Vietnam war has been report- 
ed by ;the Defense, Depart- 
ment';.::; ■ ■ ;0 ■■.;/» r** ■ ,■ . '' V ■:• 

■ Pfc, William S.' Riggs, son 
of 'Mr.-^and Mrs. ; William H.. 
Riggs; . .5527 , University, was ^ 
killed i=^eb. 15 in combat near';: 

.Saigon. '^^'J^^f''' ''"^^ 

Riggs had been -in^ Vietnam i 

, since last October; He was sta-'i 

tioned with the Ist Air'Ca\miry^ 

Division; He was a;j966 8r*|fe 
■ate of Howe^W]^"S^<»L |;|:; 

-, Other suryfvbrii ?l>^sldes **' 

parents are -brothers., 
. Ray, MitcheU ".Ov' Joseph 
rand Jeffrey Marie Riggs. 

1 32AVars 

Lance Cpl Jack L. Palton 
has been promoted to the rank 
of corporal, and recommended 
for the Bronze Star Medal for 
recent action; 
against the en- 
emy in' Viet 
nam. .'■ 

He also wil 
be given a resi 
and recupera 
tjon leave : for 
capture of an 
e n em y s o 1- 
dier. ■ ' .' 

Cpl. . Patton, 

a rn achinegun 

squad leader, killed six of the 

• enemy, captured a North 

Vietnam soldier, and was shot 

,m the head by enemy .'fire, all 

in a day's battle \V' ■'.' . ■ 

His outfit was, sweeping a 
'road^where a convoy had been 

ambushed the ■ day before, 
V when ""the enemy- opened fire. 
.'Patton had to fire from a 
'standing position, and became 
"■a target for enemy grenades. 
( He grabbled one up and hurled 
jit away from his position 

before it exploded. 

• He killed an enemy ma- 
chinegunner who just had 
killed one of his men.' As he 
moved ahead of his. squad, he 
wasiknocked down by sniper 
fire. which dented his helmet. 

M>?;Patton charged the" sniper's 
t,;positionV- behind a knoll .and 
tkiUed-'hiTi with a'grenade.'Ji^e 
^captured a » slightly -wounded 
"'.enemy Tsoldier, in.t'thatJ area; 

;; aisq^:;'^;- ■ ' :\ ; -•: '\^': ^v:' -5' ;^-.''"; 

'•/'■'Patton .was graduated ''in 
;>;i9S6^from-Thomas Carr Howe 
^High; School.:'; 'h^""-'-;^""''' 

:''''' He" is'the-son of Air' Force 
5;;T-Sgtr.and' Mrs. John " C. 
;rPatton, stationed now ' at 
^ Austin,. Tex., and is ai grand- 
i^'.son-' of Mrs. ■ Frances ■' Little, 
,.;.I862' Mllburn , Street.-;His' 13- 
'.' month tour of duty in Vietnam 



took basic training at San 
Diego, Calif., and at Camp 
Pendleton, Calif. 

Gary M. Andrew, son of Mrs. 
Mary L. Andrew, 2621 East 
Wade Street, is 
home on leave 
a fter complet- 
ing 36 weeks of 
technical a v i 
a tion electron- 
ics training at 
the 'United 
States Naval 
Air Station at 
Me m p h i s, 

' A fter April 
24, he will be stationed for the 
next two years at Quonset 
Eoint, R.I. 

.aE4-Jional4^. _Pciuh£ttfln- 

Jr. is serving wiCh the 198Ui 
Light Infantry Brigade at Chu 
nam. -.::... 


Below: Many Howe students also died in WW II. 

Uncle Sam's Howe patriots 
discuss defense efforts 

He has received his wings 
for 30 missions over enemy 
territory as a "door gunner" 
in a helicopter, and has been 
awarded the Cbmbat; Infantry 
Badge. . ' . ' ',.'■, 

He enlisted 'Jan. 3, 1967, 
md received training at Fort 
Jackson, S.C; Fort Lewis, 
Wash., and Fort Hood, Tex. 
He has been in Vietnam since 
September, 1967.; He attended 
Thomas ';Carr' Howe '. High 
School...,.,-/ j' ■. '.„'.'.': ,, , ,, 'jK.'-., 

■ His-;' parents - are _ Mr. '."and 
3218:Engli sh>^-^t ie::^:„^;g^ 

Defense savings and activities are 
prominent in the minds of Uncle 
Sam's nieces and nephews at Howe. 


when my old rubbers wear out, I 
won't be able to buy any new ones." 
Ethelda Kciter, however, questions, 
"I wonder if we'll be having our rub- 
ber shoe soles relreaded." 

What time 


Skate and save 

Among leading patriots are Ann 
Todd and Sara Jo Puekett. " 'Skate 
and Save' is our motto," Ann ex- 
claimed upon questioning, "we plan 
to start a new fad: roller skating to 

"It's a fine idea," agreed Jack 
Hart and Burnside Marriott, "but 
we'll ride our bikes as long as bi- 
cycle tires are obtainable." 

Karolyn Gould views the rubber 
shortage optimistically: "Just think. 

Sleepy, puzzled faces around Howe 
are the result of Central ^War Time. 
"Will I never learn to go to sleep at 
8:30 and awaken at 6:00?" Betty 
Schriner sleepily asked her locker 
partner one morning. 

Bob Eicher now has a legitimate 
excuse if he is tardy. At 7:00 A. M. 
in University Heights Bob can't see 
the bus, and the bus driver can't see 

Any sugar for Hies? 

Ellen Aldag's problem is certainly 
unusual. She questions, "Will Uncle 
Sam issue raticn cards for the flies 
I'm breeding? Biology or no, I refuse 
to give up any of my sugar allotment 
for flies." 

Novel ideas for patriotism: Jean- 
ette Ballard believes every woman 
should remodel her old felt hats. 
Suzanne Conner suggests triple dat- 
ing to save on car use. Claralee 
Myers prophecies a scarcity of novel 
buttons. In self defense, she is there- 
fore collecting and saving old but- 


They're gone with the draft 

Howe's Wars 


Tie a 


'•^''^ tether i '"'^'on, 

*o« broth. 
Uiven Worth 


kvthcr /n 
"y nursine . 
John. i. , ." ^""o;^. . - at Tr, 


Howe students are feeling the draft, 
and not the kind you catch cold from 

Eleanor Bailey has said farewell to 
Howe and is now in Mississippi with 
her family. Her father was called to 
Camp Shelby. 

It's an ill wind that blows nobody 
good. Howe now has a promismg new 
student, Juanita Neidernhofer. She has 
attended 32 schools, coming here from 
Elmhurst Jr. High in Oakland, Cali- 
fornia. Her father, an aviator, is now 
stationed at Schoen Field, Fort Har- 

Kathleen Wilson's brother has an- 
swered the "Call of the Draft." Bert 
Edwards and George Fullen report 

f^ Field 
Jo Ann Va 



yn th:';''oth. 

cousins on a gunboat en route to Hawaii. 
Robert Reuter's father v/as summoned 
to 'Washington and Robert is no longer 
at Howe. Mary Lyday and Marie's 
brothers have been enlisted under 
selective ser-zice. 

Teachers at Hov/e v/'no are registered 
for service are: Mr. William Chris- 
tiansen, Mr. George P. Farkas, Mr. Mil- 
ton Gamble, Mr. Lewis Gilfoy, Mr. 
Darrell Gooch, Mr. Francis M. Hov/ard. 
Mr. Samuel T. Kelley, Mr. Beldon C. 
Leonard, Mr. Frank Noffke, Mr. Wayne 
A. Shrum, Mr. William Smith, Mr. 
Henry F. Thomas, Mr. Frank S. 'V/at- 
kins. Mr. Byron L. Willis, Mr. Merle 
Wimmer, Mr. Raphael W. Wolfe, and 
Mr. Elwood L. Yeager. 









'>^an^':..' /ather ['• 

'g for 

" ^'■othel""'"- 
Vie l"-^ ^as 

,'" ^e 


°"' -t Ca 


'"-^Z fh'""°^-sTP''^'lh.'"' "le 


' r 

to'^Lr'^^'-s to 







■« ts:^ss«c;j 



'^P. bro 

"'•^ 'n 

and = 


'^ at r '^'^''lina' 
^-'^'.a?? C., e/ ^»^ 
''■'" tott ^' he iT ^^'"e 

'.^^''n'ca[°"'"- "°' 





on, Ca 


gust '; ^'ssisti^'^'h^^^'^"^ -^'^- 


>jT"' ''as 

'■°'-''es t-^en 

°<^ac/,/^\- O, 

■c'as,'" "as a if'^'^ 

are h""'"' V/.-'^'s 
s f;°<'"i,ear '^""J'a 
'arniiy^ ^fned ' 










na^ L ' 

^n a;,, .-'lu- 




</,e''^''""^a'^^"'« 'n r^/'n 

IsV.'j.' rlrrtJ^athZ''^' 

■ f "-aro;; 
j'''eat r , '''■s(r„,^"'er 






Por^ I 






na. ^ "' Par. 
Petty , 




roth'''""'ns <;?' "^e 
0(/,er thef,%lUon' 






e "^^ 



Howe .students saved and volunteered to help in the war 

Parents To Receive 
PFC Shaw's Medals 




"fd b. 



The Bronze Star and other 
decorations will be awarded 
posthumously at 10 a.m. Tues- 
day at Fort Benjamin Harrison 
to the parents of Stephen W. 
Shaw, United States Army 
PFC a graduate of Thomas 
Carr Howe High School, who 
was killed in action June 17 
in Vietnam. 

The awards, mcluding the 
Purple Heart, Good Conduct 
Medal and Combat Infantry- 
man's Badge, will be presented 
to Mr. and Mrs. William Shaw, 
4605 English Avenue. 

Bpfore his death, Shaw had 
received the National Defense 
Service Medal, Vietnam Serv- 
ice Medal, Vietnam Campaign 
Ribbon, Expert Badge with 
machine gun and Sharpshooter 
Badge with rifle. 

He was kiiled during a Viet 
Cong attack while on a re^n- 
naissance mission north ol 


He was graduated from 
Howe in 1963 and served a 
four-year apprenticeship with 
the Western Electric Company 
as a tool and die maker. He 
entered the service in Novem- 
tier, 1967, received his basic 
training at Fort Campbell, Ky., 
and went to Vietnam last 
April. He was a member of 
the Marion County Young Re- 
publican Club. 

SFC Pionting 
Dies In Viet, 
Toll To 448 

The number of Hoosier serv- 
icemen killed in the Republic 
of South Vietnam climbed to 
448 yesterday 'with the an- 
nouncement that Army SFC 
John R. Ponting, 31 years old, 
7238 Twin Oaks Drive, Apt 
E, was killed in action. 

Sgt. Ponting was a member 
of the 173d Airborne Brigade 
and died in combat Nov. 22. 
He was a native of Sumner, 
Mo., and had been in the Army 
since .Jan. 1954. 

He served a tour of duty 
in Germany and came to In- 
dianapolis in 1963 as an ROTC 
instructor. His last assignment 
before going to Vietnam last 
August was at Thomas Carr 
Howe High School. 

Survivors include the wid- 
ow, Mrs. Thelma D. Ponting; 
two sons. Tod L. and James 
Loren Ponting; a daughter, 
Toni; a brother, Richard Pont- 
ing, Sumner, Mo.; two sis- 
ters, Mrs. Mildred Van Sickle, 
Kansas City, Mo.; and Mrs. 
Theresa Poster, Sumner, Mo.; 
and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. 
James R. Ponting, also of Sum- 
ner, Mo. 







Remember when . . . 

Right: King Dwight Brown and 
Queen Gina Bowles took tiieir walk 
down the Homecoming Court. 
Left: Top Row Right: Bruce Beck, 
1960. Top Row Left: Virginia Moore, 
1952. Second Row Left: Richard 
Hammond, 1960. Second Row Right; 
Ellen O'Drain, 1954. Third Row Left: 
Patricia Aman, 1968, Third Row 
Right: Ron Finkbiner, 1967. 
Below: Remember when Dick Har- 
pold coached the track team of 1975? 
Bottom Right: Remember when hair 
was often worn high on the head? Pat 
Aman appears this way in 1965. 

Below: The proud juniors display their creative float from earlier 
years when Howe had many floats. 

Left: Stacy Gaines takes a big leap in the 
1982 gymnastics meet. 
Below: This ticket was sold at the last bas- 
ketball game played in the North Gym. 
Below: Alumni visited the South Gym for the 
last time after the game February 24. 1995. 
and were presented with a cake at the reun- 

i Above: Coach Thompson the plays with the 
basketball team of 198 

Above Right: Dick Harpold reveals the days when long 
hair and beards were popular. He, being a teacher, was 
a little late with the fad — 1981. 
Right: Do you remember Coach Woods with her volley- 
ball team in 19X2' 


.Acti\ ities and People 

Alma Mater 

To Howe, we're loyal; 

we hail thee, Alma Mater, 
We're proud of your colors; 
We'll fight for you, 

and we'll always be true. 
To Howe, be honor 

and glory everlasting! 
We'll praise your courage 

dauntless evermore; 
Oh, hail, Howe High! 

Music by Eldon C. Leonard 
Words by Marjorie Jones 

People and Activities 

i,.n the w*>. •-'Anderson made ^ •"'y,'?"^*'?"^-* "' -'^'^ ^^ ^~ 
3^wi»'»nd Muld connect 'in--X-, ^Tl"'. ••'"'""« '""■""^'^' -; 
^J'fOnly seven if 19 field attempts J(^,f Although Anderson out-re- ' 
"/.while" Howe'hlt'on' ten *of,,18^ ^Ftounded' Howe 41-19, ,the In-f 
?j»ha\a to'iak'e a 22-16^1ead •t''*^-^<^'an^^\2eI:e 'htirt.In 'two other", 
'f the ''en<l%f the first 'quarter '^department»—4fro'rs^and shoot- ^ 
'■*^The 'Hornets "increased their >' •?« Xnderson committed . 12 ^ 


iniSj ■■x-i"*'-^ derson team could manage only , 
Field coals at the start of - ,.-- ,, , . ,« iT^ » * 
- i v 1^ V ' « „ •.» * , — ' 15 field goals in 66 attempts i-. 

',- the second half by Bill Mauck "^ 
■^ V^ *•% ^> ' * -> / -^-^^ ^^ > '^ 
•< and ^Tom Harvey -closed ,the ' , 

•' gap to 88-34 before the Howe' 

iToffense picked up ,to Regain 

f" their eight point lead and then" >.' pointed out that the Hornets^" 

'•''push their advanUge'^to '6440 ^f >ave" personally side-lined the | 

t r»w- -j" V »!."'"-' """-i ''"' '.iO fifth and Bxth ranked teams in ' 
*« at the end of three quarters, 'f-^' ,- , . , - , ^. - ^ ,__ » 

. ^ While ' such terms as Cm- ^ 
derella team and miracle^ men 
are being used to describe^ \ 
Howe's team, it should be 

the state during the past two 
Andersons fuU-court ^press . ^„^ j,ot even /Columbus, 
Jicut Howe's marginjtoJ9-62_/i who" has" played only one top- 
'iwlth five minutes rema\nlng in '^n^ ranked team (Anderson) ,' can 
s the game Then with thre'e ^ «>»1'« that .claim. Howe de- 
' minutes ti go the Indians were »«"«? *" ''* ''^"? ** *» *°'*»y- 
■^ behind only 61-58 

Do you see anyone you know? 

-Z<',. Tyini attempU nlMad .> > 
r^' .with 13 seconds left In "the 'l 
K game and tiie "score 'at 66-64,'% 

■f-i -; -->>.\^ <.-»^^.iv«m; •;»-,v^.- •■.';■. .«*y> j 

•J-Clevenger vjrot .^a "^ screen *but ;^ 
^tmge^kiid iuso'ibe^^Dound aU? 
^emptr7Jon^ejrnolds :: grabbed^ 
arthe -rebonnd-and passed 'to -Ric^t 
gBurrell ^ho ^was '^foaled. ^'Bur- j, 
arell sank the two .free .throws < 
Win to insure~the victory.'?.,,^ 

Bottom Left: Do you recognize any- 
one from the National Honor Society 
of 1976' 

ji<^Chuck :Mundy!Oiad -16 iioihts, C 

WBrent 'AndeiTOnTi,^!!? Pettee !? 

Above: Do you see Becky Smith, Pam O'Haver. Debbie Bridgeforth, or Carrie Shepard. Hornet 
Honeys of the 197()"s?Tiie Hornet Honeys" group was later renamed the Highsteppers. Remember 
bell bottoms from this period of time? 

1 36/People and Activities 

Then and . . . 

Lelt: Remember when proms and dances were in the 

Below Right: Remember when Vietnam selective serv- 
ice cards might show a 2A rating'.' 
Bottom: Maybe, graduation will be on the hill as it was 
in the early 1960'.s. 

People and Activitie.-^ 13' 




Charllt Adant-Footban 4 jmn. Wrestling 3 yean 
Rea Adam»-Sage Design 
RyaB Adam>— Sage Crew 3 yean 1 year Manager 
Summer Altxandci^Junlor Class Coundl 
Hollie lay*-Vol]eyball,S%vlnunlng,Sofd9aD,G(dden 
Gals. IX:.T. 

Jaime Bohannon— Swimming, Band-Drum Major, 
Math Chib, SpeUtowI, Academic Superbowl, Spanish 
Chd), MoMor Program, Nattooai Honor Society, 
Tamara Boyd— Marketing Ed Program 
Rconaa Bullock— Track, DrlO Team, Marching Band, 
Jxmlor Student Coundl, Highstepper, Mentor Propam 
Robtrt Burford— Tennb, Track, Hmtot KoO 
Kasiaadra Buster-Band. l.CT. 
Darin Carnca-Golf 
Kenneth Comba— FoodMOl 
Dennis Coo k— Basketball. Track, Cross Country 
Kelsha Cooper-Mixed Choir 1, 1.CT.-4 
Andy Dammeyei^-Gdf 4 years. Mentor 
Andrea Dearth— dean Team, Mentor, Orchestra 4 
years. Vanity Singen 3 years. Concen Oiolr 4 yean, 
Muskzab 4 years. Plays 3 years, Theq>lan 3 yean, 
SupeiboK^ 3 yean. Tower, International Qub, 
Ricky Duke— Track and Held 
Nicole Duncan— Golden Gab 3 yean Captain, Mat 
Maldi 4 yean 2 yean Captain, Concen 
Choir, Vanity Singers, Success WlthoM Drugs, Senior 
Flay, Musicals, Brain Game, National Honor Society, 
Thespians, Senior Qass President, Co-Valedktorlan 
Albert BUI*, Jr.— Football, Tower, Play: 'Arsenic and 

Enrique Garcia— Senkir Flay, Musical, Fashion Stiow, 
Beth Gilpln-CO.E 
Amanda Gomes— Golf 

Kristlna Guerrero— Golden Gals, Student Council 
Marsbia Guynn— Tradk, Cheerleadlng 3 yean. 
Student Council, Senior Qass Council, Howe Mentor 
Program, Center Leadenhip Devdopment, DECA. 
Wlnterfest Homecoming Queen 
Tashia Guynn— Cheerleadlng 3 yean. Student 
Council President. Senior CUss Vice President, National 
Honor Society, Center for Leadership Development, 
Howe Mentor Program, Upward Bound. 1994 Homecom- 
ing Queen 

Twanncttc Harrington— Honor Ron. Drtll Team, 
Orchestra, Junior Qass Secretary, Student Council, Math 
Qub, Senior Mentor, Community 
Shannon Hart— Highstepper 2 years. Volleyball 3 
years, Cheeileader 1 year. Mentor 1 year 
Lena Heffncr— Boys Basketball Manager 
Lcvla Hcffner-Highsteppen,DrUl Team. Boys 
BaskedwD Manager 
Ernest Hicka-HIUtopper 
Rebecca Hicks— VoUeyfoall 4 yean 1 year oq>tain. 
Basketball 3 yean, Scf tball 4 years. Success Without 
Drugs 4 years. Senior Mentor, The Learning Park. Honor 
Roll 4 years. Powder Puff 

Lorlta Hill— Basketball Cheerleader 3 yean. Football 
Cheerleader 2 yean. Track 2 yean. Basketball manager 
3 yean. Student Coundl 2 yean W\sx President, Drill 
Team 2 years. Mentor 4 yean, DECA 4 years. Junior 
Achievement 4 yean. Fashion Show 2 yean 
Sam Hobbt— Soccer 4 yean 1 year captain, Most 
Improved Player Freshman year, Qean Team 3 years. 
Varsity Singen, Choir, 8 Howe musicals, Howe play. Vice 
president thespian 2 years. Junior Class Coundl, Senior 
Class Officer, Honor Roll 
Jennifer HoUenbaugb— V(dleybaU4years, 
BasketbaU 4 yean 1 year captain, Softball 4 years. 
Orchestra, Clean Team, LC.T. English 
Antonio Hornbeak— Baskett>all 
Jennifer Irelandr-Soccer Manager. Mat Maids. 
Nadonal Honor Sodety, Svq)ertx)wl, dean Team 4 yean. 
Senior Play. Musical, Orchestra 
Brandy Johnson— Golden Gals 2 yean. Mat Maids 4 
years, Scrftball 4 yean. Basketball Stats 2 yean. Concert 
Choir 2 yean. Vanity Singen 2 yean. Musicals 2 yean. 
Senior Play 2 yean, Success Without Drugs 
Laura Re 11 ei^— Concert Choir, Vanity Singen, Brain 
Game.White River Academic League, Supertwwl, Senior 
Play, Spring Musical, WHOW, Tower, Indiana Association 
of Students aS French, Pen Points, Senior Menton 
Harold Keys— BasketbaU, Mentor 
Carola KIrsten— Crosscountry, Tennis, Intemadonal 

Christina Lewis— CO.t 
Melissa Loveless— Golden Gals, Tower, HUltopper 

William Malone-Baseball 4 yean, BasketbaU 2 

years. Mentor 1 year, Qean Team 3 yean, 2 yean MVP 

Ktrry Marsh— Golden Gals, Powder Puff, Senku- 

Mentor, Honor Roll, 21st Century Scholar, The Learning 

Park, Upward Bound 

Carrie McFarland— Crosscountry 2 yean, 

Basked>al] 2 years. Track 1 year. Mat Maids 1 year, LC.T. 

Antonio Moore— Wresding 3 yean 

Josh Morcy— Football 3 yean. Wrestling 3 years. 

DBCA 2 yean, Howe Senk>r Meitton 

Justin Morri*— Tennis. Student Coundl. Senior Play, 

Math Oub, Concert Choir, Varsity Singers. Band 

Michael Mundy— Football Captain. Basked>all. Track, 

Outstanding Defense Player, Channel 13's Player of the 

Week, Clean Team, Math Qub, Mentor 

Ronald Palmci^Founderof WHOW, Clean Team. 

Bible Qub, Sentor Mentor, Cross Country, Track 

Jennifer Perdue— Crosscountry 3 yean, Track 3 

yean. Basketball, Matmalds, C.O.E., Executive Service 


Jennifer Pier sail— Cheerleader 2 yean. Basketball 1 

year, Softball 4 yean. Clean Team 3 yean. Honor Roll 4 

yean, LC.T. 

Daniel Poynter— Football 3 yean. Baseball 4 yean 1 

year Captain 

Jlmmle Quarles— Crosscountry, Track, Tennis, 

Student Coundl, Mentor 

Trisha Rafferty— Highstepper 

Jamaal Recdus— Crosscountry, Track, Basketball, 

Wrestling, Concen Choir, Student Council, Howe Mentor 

Shana Rclford— Basketball 2 years. Drill Team 1 

year, Ordtestra 

Joshua Roof— Soccer 4 yean 1 year captain 2 yev 

Best Mental Attitude, Sentor Qass, Senior Play, Musical, 

Academic Superbowl, Qean Team, Stage Crew, WHOW, 

Pen Points, Prelude Awards, Thespian Sodety Vk:e- 

presldent, Honor Roll, Senior Mentor,Concert Choir, 

Vanity Singen 2 yean 

Farrah Rooney- Golden Gals 2 yean. Senior Class 

Rep. 1 year. Mat Maids 3 yean. Mentor 1 year, Junior 

Class Coundl 1 year 

Lindsay Russo— Volleyball 3 yean, BasketbaU 3 

yean, Softball 4 yean, Clean Team 4 yean. Tower 

Editor, Senior Play, Honor Roll, Suge Crew, Pen Points, 

Senior Mentor, Student Council 

Charles Saunders— Track and Field 

Frankle Shaw— J.R.O.T.C 

Doug Sims— Soccer, Wrestling 

Renec Smit h— Cheerleader, Band, Science Club 

Tamika Smith— Golden Gals 

Aaron Springer— Brain Game, Academic Supertx>wl, 

German Qub, Senior Play, Science 

Chib, Math Dub, Pen Points, Tower, HUltopper 

Tanya Spurgeon— Golden Gals, Tower, HlUtopper 

Linda Staples— Senk>r Mentor, Student CouncU, 

Clean Team, Honor RoU 4 yean 

Carrie Stree t— Track, Cheerleader, Student Coundl, 


Heather Sullivan— Mat Maids, Senior Mentor, Stage 

Crew, Howe Art Festival 

Kevin Sullivan— Football Captain, Math Club, Senior 


Jeff Sutter— FootbalL Basketball, Black Sodety Club 

Robert Swanlgan— Football, Letter Winner, Sute 

Honorable Mention, All-County 

Rhonda Troutman— VoUeyball 3 yean Best Mental 

Attitude 2 yean. Senior Mentor 

Elizabeth Tull— Concert Choir 4 yean. Vanity 

Singen 3 yean. Brain Game 4 yean, Wiilte River 

Acskdemlc League 2 yean, Academic Super Bowl 3 yean. 

Spell Bowl 3 yean, Thespians 3 yean. Clean Team 4 

yean. Senior Mentor, 6 Musicals, Senior Play 2 yean. 

Tower, National Honor Society 2 yean. Senior Qass 


Kelly Wallace-CO.E 

Jennifer Weavei^SoftbaU 3 yean, Band 3 yean, 

National Honor Sodety 2 yean, Wlnterguard, Senior 

Mentor, SpeU Bowi 2 yean, French Club, Student 

CouncU 3 yean 

Cassandra Weldnei— Crosscountry 4 yean 

Captain 2 yean. Mat Maids 4 yean Captain 2 yean. 

Track 4 yean Captain 2 yean. Cross Country IPSAC 

Championship, 2 Mttslcals, Summer Musical, Senior 

Musical, Senior Mentor, Concert Choir, Honor RoU 2 


Scott Wessel— Football 4 yean Captain 1 year. Senior 

Mentor, Assistant Athletic Director 

Brian Williams— Varsity BasketbaU 3 yean 2 yean 

Mental Attitude Award. Mentor Program 

Trisha Wilson— Swim Team 4 yean Most Improved 1 

year Mental Attitude 1 year Captain 1 year. Marchlni ii 
Band 4 years. Pep Band, Concert Band 4 yean. Math 
Qub 2 yean, SpeU BanA, Super Bowl 2 yean, Mentor 
Program. French Qub, Math Contest, French Contest 
Sbawndy Wlnbura-1.CT. 
Kristlan Ytldlng-Wheekhair Basketball for the 
Paoen Wheelchair Team 


Tara Baker— VoIleyl>aU 3 years. Basketball 3 yean, 

SofdMdl 3 years, Chc^ 

Vlckl Beck— BaskedMU 3 yean, Softball 3 years. 

Nadonal Honor Sodety. Editor of HUltopper 

Dlanna Bennett— VoUeybaU, Track Co-Captain, 


Brandlc Bowen— Track. GoUen Gab, Mat Maids 3 

yean. Orchestra 

Josh Bowling— BasebaU 2 yean, Food>aU 

D e n n 1 s B oy d— FootbaU, BaskettMB, BasebaU 

Jamie Boyd— Crosscountry, Track, Concert Choir, 

Vanity Singen 

Amanda Brewster— Varsity Cheedeadlng, Varsity 


Julie Bridget-Mat Makb 2 yean,Varslty Tennb 3 

yean, HUltopper 

Chris Brown— BasketbaU 

Annie Burford— Cheerleader 3 yean. Varsity 

Tennb 3 yean 2 yean Most Improved Player, Cross 

Country Best Mental Attitude. National Honor Society, 

Homecoming Court 

Sharanda Carr-BasketbaU 3yean 

Tracye Childrcs*— E.S.C. Mentor Program. Brain 


Angle Clark— Cheerleader for FootbaU, 


Shawn Cllne— BasebaU 3 yean 

Chester Combs— FootbaU, Track Mental Attitude 


Tina Cornett— Basketball. Band, Jazz Band 

George Dard In— BasketbaU 

Darnell Davi >— R.O.T.C, BasketbaU, Track 

Lam D o— FootbaU, Baseball, Qean Team 

Paulina DeVore—VoUeyt>aU 3 yean. Orchestra 

L e a fy D u n n a m— Swimming, Golden Gals, Mat 


Alicia Bncarnacion—Hlghsteppen, Choir, 

Executive Corps Mentor Program, HUltopper 

Kawam Evans— Football, BasebaU, Track. Tech 

Prep, Art Contests 

Corey Fields— BasebaU, Success Without Drugs, 

21st Century Scholanhlps 

Malsha Garrard-E.S.C., Center of Leadenhip 


Frank Goldman— Football Band 

Christopher Gross-Golf,J.R.O.T.C. Rifle Team, 

DrUI Team 

Jason Hamby— Varsity BasebaU 3 yean. Vanity 

Singen, FootbaU 

Shakira Hardy— Cheerleader, Highstepper 

Darrick Horrall— FootbaU Most Valuable Player 

Melissa Hoskins— Orchestra 

Carrie Hubbard— Swimming Captain, Band Drum 


Shannon Hunter— Swimming, Varsity Tennb 3 


Anne Jone s— Track, GoUen Gab, BasketbaU Suts, 


Darla Kord—SoftbaU, HUltopper 

Monlque Lange— Cheerleader, Golden Gal 

Sylvia Mays— DrUl Team 

Kathryn McMillan— Soccer, German Qub, 

Student Coundl, Musk:al, Conceit Choir, White River 

Academic League 

Rebekah Meek- Vanity SoftbaU 3 yean. Vanity 

Soccer, Varsity Cheerleader 1 year, Highstepper 1 

year. Concert Choir, 1 Musical, Intemadonal Qub, 

Editor of Tower, Qean Team, Goklen Gab 1 year 

Norman Nelson— Thespians Sodety Treasurer, 

WHOW, 3 Senior Plays, 4 Muskrab, HlUtopper, Tower 

DeWayne Oliver-Track, FootbaU 

M I c h e 1 1 e w e n s— National Honor Society 

Melissa Pac e— Nadonal Honor Society 

Barbara Parks— Hlghsteppen, Track 2 yean 

Misty Pie w— Student CouncU, Hlghsteppen 

Angela Poindextei— National HonorSodety, 

Center for Leadership Devek>pment, SPAN 

Karie Poynter— Vanity Tennb 3 yean, 

Cheerleadlng 2 yean. Mat Maids. Newspaper, dean 

Team 2 yean, HUltopper, French Qub 

Sarah Planalp— Orchestra 3 yean, Natknial Honoii 

Society, French Qub, SpeU iovA 

Johnny Rty—Crou Country Captain 1 year Most 

Valuable Player 2 yean. Track Obtain 1 year, Moit 

Valuable Player 1 year Best Mental Attitude 2 years. 

Most Outstanding Freshman, Varsity Basketball 

Chris Reed— Baseball, Swimming 

Kelly Rothwcll— Band 3 years 

Rene Saulsbirjr-GoIdenGals 

Robert Sheets— Baseball, Qean Team, National 

Honor Society 

Shawntac Smltb— Tower 

Cheryl St. Lawrence— Student Council Vice 

President, Band 3 yean. Golden Gals 3 yean 

Kevin Starr-Ikxitball, Baseman, Baseball, Vanity 

Singers, National Honor Society, Musical. Clean Team, 

International Thespian Sodety 

Kyana Taylor— Highsteppen, Cheerleader, Band 

Darrin Terry— Yearbook, Newspaper 

Phung Tran— National Honor Society 

Melissa Trotter— Basketball Cheerleader 2 yean 

Jason Tucher—Succeu Without Drugs, National 

Honor Society 

Jennifer Urlch—Cheerleadlng 3 yean, Varsity 

Tennis 3 yean. Success Without Drugs, Nadonal Honor 


Bobbi Wesncr— Tennis 

JancUe White— Highsteppen, DtU Team 

Rebecca Wiker-Orchestra 

Adrlennc Wilson— Varsity Track 

Michelle Woodson— National Honor Society 

LeReina York— Highsteppen, JROTC Drill Team, 

Upward Bound, Center for Leadenhip Development 

Heidi Wurster-Editor of HOltopper and Tower, 

dean Team, National Honor Society, Honor lUdl, Pen 


Almec Zoeller— Vanity Tennis 3 yean Most 

Valuable Player 2 yean. Mat Maids 3 yean. Golf Best 

Mental Attitude, National Honor Society, E.S.C., 21st 

Century Scholar, Hilltopper 


Jessica Bell— Softball, Soccer, Student Council, 

Tower, Pen Points, Math Chib, Brain Game, Clean Team, 

American's Pride. WHOW, Band 

Christy Butler-Track, Cheerieader, Band, Jazz Band, 

Clean Team 

Alpaclno Carson— Baseball 

Trisha Doyle— Cheerleader,Highstepper 

Laklsha Barl-BasketbaU 

Monica Edwards— Cheerleader, Tennis 2 yean 

Christine Farbei^VoIleyball, Concert Choir, Varsity 


Tara Paryna— Volleyball 2 yean. Tennis 2 yean, 

Honor Roll 

Kimbcrly Glenn— Cheerleader 

Jeremy Gregorj^— Sage Design 

Alicia Hagei^Softban,VoUeyball, Basketball, 


Michael H oil cabaugh-BaaebaU, Band 

Sophie Hobbs— MathChib 

Michael Hobson-J.R.O.T.C, Drill Team 

Deslonal Irby— Football 

Jack Jackson— Vanity Wrestling 2 yean 

Brandl Jone t— Cheerleading, Tennis, Volleyball 

LaShanna Johnson— Track 

David Keglai^Track, Drill Team, Color Guard, Clean 


Jennifer Lake— Vanity Volleyball, Highsteppen 

Kristlne Lucat-J.R.O.T.C Color Guard 

Kyandra Plttman— Orchestra 2 yean 

Deanna Quarlct— HlUtc^per 

Raymond Rangel— Basketball, Track 

Michelle Stone— Hlghstepper 

NIklta Veal— Drill Team, Concert Choir. J.R.O.T.C. 

Jackie Walker— Varsity Football Cheerleader. Vanity 

Basketball Cheerleader 

Shawn Wat kln»— Highsteppen 


Vonlsha Adams— Drill Team 

Nova Atwell— Cheerleader 

Shaquita Blanchard— Basketball. Track 

Tony Bostick— Armed Drill Team 

Shawna Bradsha«^— Tennis. Orchestra 

Marcia Calbert— Qean Team, Mentor Program. 

Honor Roll 

Michael Cooper— Football, Basketball 

Donghia Davis— Track. Tennis 

Carrie Daye— Track 

Portia Flournoy— Basketball 

Jemel Gant— Basketball 

Douglas Hall— Track. Chess Qub 

James HagciMx>lf 

Sharon Henry— Tennis 

Memorle Hollfleld-SoftbaO 

Rochellc Johnson— Softball, Swimming 

Terry Johnson— Football 

John Jo n«»— Football. Basketi>all, Super Bowl 

Academic Team 

Shambcrlejr Jones— Softball. Math Qub. 

Hlghstepper. Mat Maid. Honor Roll 

Melissa Levercna— Cheerleader, Hlghstepper 

Johnny Lorick— Basketball 

Lesley Mann— Softball 

Joseph Merrlt-Fbotball 

Steve Miller-BasebaU 

Barbara Mullint-J.R-O.T.C 

John Parke (^Baseball 

David Pblppt— Soccer, Golf 

Nicole Power-Basketball, Sofdjall 

Robert Reed— Basketball 

Chris Rioa-FcxKbaU 

Marllsa Robinson— Drill Team 

Paula Rush— Drill Team 

Jennifer Scott-Cheerleader 

James Simmons— Basked>all. Band 

Ktthcrlne S I m»-Soccer, Mat Maids. Track. Math 


Justin Sparks— Tennis 

Michael Sutt-J.R-O.T.C 

Hallndt Torre nee— Hlghstepper 

Chrli Wallace-Baseball 

Lindsay White-Orchestra 

LaMonIca Wrlght-DriUTeam 

Jamie Wuest^Sbftball, Qean Team 

Right; This lust picture of the building was taken 
February 1995. The building will now stand alone 
and empty and will be missed by many from the past 
and present. 

Above: The Class of 1996 is together for one of its last 

Below: The biulding. fioni this \ie\\. mcludes the 1954 
and 1963 additions. 

■ «♦ 



. ^'^'^^1^^'^\ ^ 

The Beginning / The End 


22, 1994 

Thomai Cut Howe High School opened its 
doors in September 1938 with 433 studenu and a 
staff of sixteen teachers. The school celebrates iu 
birthday on May 28, the day ground was brcken 
for the new school in 1937. Tlie school is named 
for Thomas Carr Howe, a former president of 
Butler University who lived on North Audubon 
Road. His fonner home is now a part of the 
Irvington Methodist Qiurch. 

The original bluepiinu called the schotd 
Irvington Hi^ School even though the western 
boundary <rf Irvington was Emerson Avenue. 
Irvmgton had been annexed to Indianapc^s in 
1902, with the promise that a high tchool would 
be built to serve the community. The town had 
had a school, but it had been destroyed by fire in 
the 1890's. Through the flnt part of the twentieth 
cottury students from the area attended 
Shortridge, Manual, or Tech. In 1930 the schod 
board purchased the original 10.9 acre site which 
was known in the community as Violet Hill 
because at the many wild flowers growing 
between Pleasuit Run and the Qmrail tracks. 
Other areas considered for the school had been 
the southeast comer of Washington Street and 
Audubon Road and the old Butler University 
campus at Butler and University. 

Mn. Louis Bruck, a former president of the 
Irvington Union of Qubs and a school board 
member, was instrumental in convincing the 
schocd board to approve building the school. She 
was given the honcx of turning the Hrst q>ade at 
earth at the ground breaking in May 1937. Also 
present were students from schools 57, 58, 62, 
78, 82. aitd 85 schools which would provide 
Howe's first students. The cornerstone located on 
the east side of the Tower entrance, was laid in 
November 1937 and contains the names of the 
first students, an American Flag, copies of the 
three Indianapolis daily newspapers, the News. 
the Star, and Times: a coin, and a Bible . 

Qiatles M. Sharp, the Hrst principal, served the 
schocd from its opening until his retirement in 
1959. He was succeeded by lliomas Stirling, 
who retiivd in 1972. Frank Tout followed from 
1972 to 1992, Bnice Beck fUled in from 1989- 
1990, and Madora Walker became Howe's lut 
principal from 1992 to 1995. 

There have been four additions to the original 
building. In 1940 a cafetetia-gynmasium unit was 
added to replace the outgrown gymnasium — ix>w 
rooms 227 and 229 — and the overcrowded 
cafeteria— now the Distributive Education area, 
room 127. The east dassroom wing was added in 
1954, and the auditorium-cafeteria wing was 
opened in 1963. The stadium was completed in 
1966, with classrooms added in 1969. The newest 
addition, fiiushed 1975, included a new media 
center, a new gymnasium, new career education 
laboratories and new offlces. Howe presently is 
located on a plot of ground totaling 31.35 acres. 
Extensive remodeling within the present building 
has also been completed. More than 17,000 
students have been graduated from Howe since 
the fost graduation exercises in 1941. 

Washington, Howe highs will close 

■ Key School Is only other casualty of controversial vote 
«vat IPS officials say wUl save an esUmated $2.2 mllUon. 

Lett The hustory ot Howe has been basically reprinted 
trom a previous Hilltopper. 

Top Headline: This is what appeared in the newspaper 
after the announcement of Howe's closing. 
Middle: The building had this appearance before the ad- 
dition of the 1954 section. 

Above: The aerial view shows only the 1938 building 
before additions. The stadium seats, even, were not yet 


Farewell-as we pass slowly out of these 
doors of the years past, quiedy shutting behind 
tis; and we go forth eagerly to open the do(vs to 
the future and whatever it may bring. 

For when one door is shut— another opens. 
Reprinted from ££hj2K. 1963, 
Thomi*insville, Kenmcky.